Buried Ambition

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in, – Bill Bradley


It was just a casual dinner with friends. Now in our 30s, we reminisce in our good old time during study. On how we would carve our future. To become successful, rich and happy.

It was not too long in the past, and looking back, we were pretty sure it would be achievable. And yet look at us now, what have we achieved?

Some have success, some are contended with their lives, and the others complain about it.

What happened to our enthusiastic youth, the very same person residing in us?

We have become jaded with life – struggling to meet ends meet.

We have given up hopes of what may become.

We are lured by the premise of job security, whether it is a fact or illusion, it has yet to be determined.

It wasn’t a sudden, big change from the brave, young soul to become a conformed working adult.

No, it was not. It happens gradually. Too slowly, that we didn’t even pay attention to it.

Just like a frog in a boiling pot. under the gradually increasing fire. A small discomfort increased over time. Comfortable life that seems to change to be a little discomfortable over time.

Yeah, just like that.

Have you ever take stock of your life. Are you living your best life now? Stay tuned for my next blog post as we go through the hows in tackling this. Until then, think about what is your lifestyle now.




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