Feeling sick most of the days of the week. And I thought, “Would there be anything good or happy to find in each day?” Well, everyday has a goodness in it. It’s a matter of it being obvious or we need to put in effort to look for it. Either way, you would not be disappointed.

Day 84 : Apr 12, 2015 : Had lunch with an old friend. It was always good to catch up with your old friends, especially to listen and to be inspired by their aspirations. He is one who quits his job to pursue his studies full time. That’s amazing, that’s remarkable. I’ll do that one day in the future.

Day 85 : Apr 13, 2015 : Went to have a health screening conducted by the wellness section of my company. Fingers crossed, let’s hope all is good. First step to gaining control of our health is to know where we fare.

Day 86 : Apr 14, 2015 : Finally, chaired the meeting that I had been postponing last week. Get the information across to my colleagues, successfully. I am a little surprised that I could have pulled it through despite all the hiccups that happened. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Day 87 : Apr 15, 2015 : Despite being a little under the weather, my colleagues persuade me to have lunch outdoors. Well, a little sunshine would do wonder for our health.

Day 88 : Apr 16, 2015 : Went to see doctor and ended up with two-day medical leaves. What one happy thing can I take from this experience? Well, I have all the time in the world to catch up with my readings. There’s plenty of books left untouched at my bookshelf.

Day 89 : Apr 17, 2015 : Spent most of the day reading Steve Jobs’ autobiography, written by Walter Isaacson. It came highly recommended by my colleague. Inspiring, yes. Speed of reading, no.

Day 90 : Apr 18, 2015 : Spent most of the day listening to motivational videos on Youtube. When you are down and sick, the more the reason to be inspired by others’ success, health and happiness.

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