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Yes Man

Never allow a person to tell you no, who doesn’t have the power to sy yes. – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Matt Hussey mentioned about the movie Yes Man in his talk, which I had blogged earlier here.

Curious, and I went to Esplanade Library to borrow one. It’s not Jim Carrey’s best movie, but well, I should say yes to it. Yet, it was a fun 2-hour evening =)

Saying yes opens up opportunity.

Saying yes is life, though it sounds a bit cult-ish.

But reality is, we should be open to opportunities in life. For without saying yes, we may not know what would cross our path.

Opportunities and chances come to those who take action, not those who just ponder and think about it.

For today – just say yes to whatever shots that come your way. What would you say yes to?

And here, a clip of the guitar scene. Enjoy!