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Myths of Wealth

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. – Simone de Beauvoir

Reading the foreword by Dan Miller for Jaime Tardy’s The Eventual Millionaire. There is some misconception on wealth.

Myth 1:  We chase after money directly.
Money is a byproduct. Money is the result of values that we put in for other people. People pay us for a work well done.

Myth 2: Envy other rich people.
Successful rich people do not envy other rich people. They learn from them, and still remain humble. They learn from others, and at the same time, teach others as well.

Myth 3: Be greedy and stingy.
Wealthy people are not stingy. They freely share, for they believe that there is enough wealth for everyone. They believe in abundance.

Myth 4: Wealthy people are selfish.
We do not live for ourselves alone. We live by contributing and helping one another. The richer we are, the more we are in a position to help others.

Myth 5: Rich is a game of luck.
We don’t get rich by being lucky. We get rich by putting in the effort, chasing after the opportunities, being relentless in pursuing our dreams.

Differentiate facts from myth and you will be well on your way to wealth.  Don’t be ignorant. Don’t be stubborn. Live your life well – in happiness and full of abundance.



Amazing Story of Keanu Reeves

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. – Bernard Williams

Keanu Reeves is one of the most inspiring Hollywood actors.

Like other successful people, he had a disadvantage start in his life. Yet, he never let it becomes an excuse for him to blame the government, to blame his parent, to blame his school. Instead he works hard at it. He has the grit to win and the persistence to stay on, just a little bit longer, until he has success.

Life may be unfair to him. Tragedies after tragedies fall upon him. He has the options to feel bitter and shun himself from the world. Instead, he carries on with his life, achieving wonder and inspiring others.

He is down to earth. He is not flashy with his wealth. He is generous with his money and time. He respects others and knows what it means to be courteous to one and all.

Let his actions inspire us to achieve greatness in our lives, while keeping in tact the goodness within us.

Have a great TGIF and strive to excellence!



7 Lessons from This Year’s Oscar Nominated Movies

Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing. – Euripides

Saw an article by Entrepreneur on lessons learnt from Oscar-nominated movies.

Movies do inspire us. They teach us to be resilient. To be strong. To stand up for what is right. To chase after our dreams.

It’s not about what we can do individually. It’s about team-work. It’s about cooperation. It’s about synergy, creating a better world together.

It’s about empathy. To understand how others feel. To communicate effectively. To show our love.

It’s about the impermanence of time. But an everlasting legacy. Material wealth doesn’t last. Wealth in spiritual and love does.

It’s about getting your priorities right. And going all out to make them happen. Not to be distracted by other temptations or shiny objects along the way. Be focused of the things that you need to do.

At the end of the day, you have but one life. Make it count. Let it burn like a selfless candle, lighting up the dark room.

Movies are great way to inspire us, to teach us of values that we have long forgotten amidst the busyness of time.

What movies are you looking forward to? Take some time to watch movies that would inspire you.



Pain and Pleasure

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. – Leonardo da Vinci

Tony Robbins once said that our actions are governed by pain and pleasure. Actually, he says it over and over again.

Just like the basic organism moving away from heat and towards food, we human do quite similarly as well.

We do things to avoid pain. We also do things to gain pleasure. What do we really avoid and what do we really want?

For wealth, we may be avoiding the pain of begging on the street. We want the pleasure of having the money to buy the things our heart desires.

For health, we may be avoiding heart attack due to being obese. We want the pleasure of being able to wear sexy clothes.

For relationship, we may be avoiding fear of loneliness. We want the pleasure of companionship, sharing all the goodness in life.

Think of your life goals in terms of pain and pleasure. Think of the pain you are avoiding and the pleasure you want. Incorporate them into your annual goals.

How do you re-write your goals – this time round with the pain and pleasure?



Prosperity CNY

Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality. – John Tyler

A common theme during Chinese New Year is on prosperity. Besides the other usual themes – health, love, longevity.

Wealth and prosperity is a main one. People consult Feng Shui masters to determine the direction to invite the God of Wealth.

There is this one school of thoughts – that your self-esteem determine your level of wealth. If you see yourself as worthy of wealth, you would attract it readily.

Something like Law of Attraction, yeah.

It happens a few weeks ago. As usual, it was time to top up my EZ-Link card (the main payment method for transportation in Singapore). When I was at the self-automated machine, I realized that I only had a $50 in my wallet.

I caught myself thinking, “I don’t have any small changes. I am scared of putting a $50 value on my card. I don’t deserve putting such a big value on my card.”

I felt scared – for I had a tendency of losing my EZ-Link cards, and with it the values stored inside.

Would I attract thieves?

I felt unworthy – who am I to put such a value on my card? My usual stored values is just $10, or $20 max. I am not a rich person.

I had a scarcity mindset.

It may seem like a small value for you.

It may look like a small matter for you.

And so, as I inserted the $50 note into the machine and had the transaction successfully completed, I felt that there is a sensation.

It was a paradigm shift for me. I realized that I didn’t have a high self esteem.

If I am uncomfortable handling $50 on my EZ-Link card, what would make the world (or universe) think that I am ready to handle more wealth in my hand?

How would I invite prosperity into my way of life?

Some people may think – what a superficial thinking. To be high and mighty by such a small, trivial matter.

Is it even worth blogging?

Yes, a true millionaire mindset come from within.

But if you are like me, where your wealth mind is still in its infancy, what you need is a visual reminder. An outer trigger, a memo for us to remember – that we all have wealth mindset.

If you have a wealth mindset, congratulations!

If you do not have, or you know someone who does not, it may be a more common occurrence in the world, than you would like to acknowledge.

If you would like to improve on your mindset, this is one workshop you may want to consider – The Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) – the upcoming event would be 20-22 March 2015.

What would be your ritual to remind yourself that you are wealthy and deserve the wealth in the world?

And on that day, I did feel like I had my head raise higher and walk straighter.