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I’ve always been interested in how we survive and how resourceful we are as Americans. –┬áSteven Spielberg

Success doesn’t come to those with the most resources. Time, money, strength.

Success comes to those who are resourceful. Those who make do with what they have.

If you don’t have the money, find another job. Get another part time job. Find way to reduce your expenses. Is there another way to do things without the required money?

If you don’t have the time, can you say no to chores that don’t serve you? Can you find ways to do things faster? Can you do things more efficiently?

If you don’t have the strength, can you find someone to help you? How can their energy help you? Can you leverage on other people’s expertise?

Resourcefulness is about making do with what you have. It’s about maximizing your chances of success while reducing the risk or the downside. It’s about thinking out of the box to solve your problems.

What is your current pain points that you are facing right now? How can you see it differently, from a different light? How can you solve it with what you have, or even better, with less than what you have?