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What’s your joy?

Only I can change my life. No one┬ácan do it for me. – Carol Burnett

Just back from a simple gathering with a university friend. We’ve known each other for almost 13 years, from the very first day when we stepped into NTU.

Time passed by rather very quickly.

We’ve been in Singapore for almost 13 years.
We’ve been working for almost 9 years.

My friend said: “I was in the shower after gym one day. As the water ran down, I was thinking, ‘What has happened to my life all these years? What did I achieve? What do I have joy in doing?’

We took things for granted. When life is comfortable, we started cruising in our lives. We stopped learning. And we stopped taking risk. We stopped breaking through our comfort zone.

We aimed for easy, instead of growth. We aimed for comfort, instead of potential. We aimed for security, instead of abundance.

When we start to live our lives on auto-pilot, it is time that we stop living. It is time when we started drifting backwards. It is time where nothing is memorable anymore.

What’s the biggest regret of people? It is not the television drama that they missed out. Or the latest smartphone that they didn’t buy.

It was on the opportunity that they didn’t take. It was on the experience they didn’t dare to chase. It was on the love they are afraid to fall on.

Life is short, regardless of how you want to think otherwise. It is this mortality that stops us on the track, and to think, “What is really important for me?

What is important for you?


Leap Day

No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important. – Mary Kay Ash

It’s Leap Day today. There’s only a 29-February, once every 4 years,

Have you thought to yourself, how have you been living your life?

Leap day serves a reminder to us.

Life is like a leap day, it comes once in a blue moon. You don’t see it every year. Chances in life don’t come knocking on your door repeatedly.

Unlike leap day, chances in life is unpredictable. Chances appearing but once. When it is there, you have to make a decision – to take or not to take.

Time past by is unrecoverable. You can’t rewind the clock, to relive the past.

Do we live in regret of the things we didn’t do?
Do we live in regret of the principles that we failed to stand up for?
Do we live in regret for failing to say the “I love you” to those who matters?

Make every second counts. Live life to the fullest. Experience life as it is meant to be. Think of the thoughts that lifts you up, speak of words that inspire, do the things that you are proud of.

Leave a legacy behind. But first, enjoy this very moment. Be in the present. Be focused.

Life is too short to be wasted. Every single day is a gift to us. As much as we would enjoy it, we would contribute it back to our family, our society, our Earth.

What are the chances you are grasping today? Take action now, never to delay any more.



Dinner with ex-colleague

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. -John F. Kennedy

Just back from dinner with an ex-colleague. As we catch up on each other’s progress over the last few months since we last meet, he shared some insights and lessons in life:

“When I was your age, I thought I was still young. I have plenty of time, I can do things slowly.

“With a blink of an eye, we are now at the end of the year 2014.

“It was just yesterday when I started work at your company (though in reality ten years have passed).

“If I used the time wisely, I could have earned and studied two certificates a year. Imagine what would I get in those ten years time.

Many a time, we regret on the things we didn’t do. We procrastinate. We believe we have plenty of time.

Time is actually the most limited resources a man has.

As the year draws to a closure, reflect and ponder upon yourself, what have you achieved? What have you NOT achieved?

And what would you focus upon for the year 2015? What is the one immediate step that you can take to move yourself nearer to your goals?



International Friendship Day and Regrets

Remember, the pain of rejection is nothing compared to the pain of regret. – Matthew Hussey

It was International Friendship Day on Sunday. I didn’t know about it until I saw the event underwent at National Library.

All in all, it was a good event. Plenty of interactions, showcases of the cultures of international friends in Singapore.

However, the one thing I wanted to say is the regret.

The regret of not making the first move.

The regret of not making any move at all.

Saw a pretty girl who participated in the event. Wanted to get to know her, but I was shy to do so.

It was, afterall, International Friendship Day. What better time it was than to make new friends, duh?

I even read Matt’s quote at that point of time. Okay, I thought – the event was from 2pm to 6pm. Plenty of time, I guessed.

Delay, delay, delay. Always waiting for the perfect moment to say “Hi”.

Alas, time passed by and it was 5:30pm. Took up my courage and looked around.

She was gone.


No longer there.

Now I understand the pain of regret.

And the importance of speed in action.

What is the one thing that you know you should be taking action of? But you didn’t? And you regretted about it for the chance has slipped? Please act upon it, and don’t regret about it like I did.