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Excuses to Success

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.  – Stephen Hawking

Many people dream of success. And yet, there are just so many people who didn’t achieve it.

When probed, there are “reasons” for not achieving success. Are they really “reasons”? Or are they merely excuses?

Let’s see what are the common excuses for not chasing after our dreams. And more importantly, how can we overcome it?

Excuse #1 : I have no time.
Like, seriously? Of course, there is no denying that there are people who work two shifts to make ends meet. These are the kind of people whose rest time is their 4 hours sleep. I understand their plight.

But for the rest of us, do we really don’t have the time? If we would watch less a couple of streaming movies, that would free up  a couple of hours a day.

It is just a matter of prioritization. What is more important? Your current joy or the fruits of your effort?

Excuse #2 : I have no money.
There are people who are poor. And then, there are people who spends indiscriminately. You have the money , all along. It depends on how you spend it. Do you spend it on  buying the things that you want (but don’t need)? Or do you spend it on the things that will help you achieve your dreams faster?

There is also a misconception here. You don’t really need a lot of money to achieve success. All you need is to learn how to make do with what you have. When money is a concern, you need to think creatively. How can you leverage on your time and effort to make up for the lack of money?

Excuse #3 : I don’t have the luck.
Don’t aim for the lucky break. Lottery winners are far and away. And even if they win, their winnings don’t last.

Make your own luck. Chase after each and every one of the opportunities. Always be on the learning. Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.

Excuse #4 : I don’t have the connections.
To have success, you need to know the correct people. People who can make the wheel go round. We are not living in an island. We need each other’s help.

How then do we increase our connection? Always be the helpful one. Develop a habit of helping others. People like people who are helpful and kind. This is a characteristics that draw people to you.

Always seek out new friends. Go out to social gathering and make it a point to know at least two people at each event. Seek out where successful people would gather, and attend the events whenever possible.

These excuses are merely excuses. They hold no power on us, unless we let them to. Don’t give in. Make it a stand, your stand, to say – today is my day. I shall not give any excuses. I shall do my part. I shall work hard for my success.

What would you do? What is your excuse today? And more importantly, how do you resolve on your excuse?



Burning House

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why. – William Barclay

Imagine this.

There’s a burning house right in front of you. It was so hot, that it could melt down steel.

Going into the house would mean burns on your skin, and possible death.

Would you go in? If I were to offer you $10? How about $100? How about $1000?

You must be thinking, you must be crazy! I’m not risking my life for that meagre sum of money.

How about this? Imagine your 4-year old kid is in the house? What would you do? You would have jumped into the house without a second thought.

What has changed? It is still the same burning house. It is still the same you.

The only thing that has changed is your reason. The reason why. Why would you do that?

If your reason is strong, you would be compelled to take action. If your why is weak or vague, you would be like meh.

Your reason would determine your action or inaction.

If you really want to pursue your dreams, you must first have a compelling reason. A solid reason on why you are chasing it. A do or die attitude. Either you go all out, or just give it up.

Only then would you create an unstoppable force to carry you on.

What is your compelling reason to pursue your dreams?



Alissa Sizemore

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. – Scott Hamilton


A friend posted this video in his Facebook wall.

Alissa Sizemore is a young lady who dreams nothing more than dancing ballet. A fateful car accident last year costed her, her leg.

An amputee and a dream of dancing ballet. Doesn’t sound very linked, does it?


Physical disabilities doesn’t mean disabled life.

Physical disabilities doesn’t mean we should resign to fate. To give up without fighting.

Yes, you may have all the reasons, all the excuses to give up.

But is that something you have really wanted?

To succeed in life, one must be resourceful.

One must believe in himself or herself.

One must make use of what is available to him or her.

One must change the playing field, think of David vs Goliath.

When the world turns against you, when you are feeling hopelessness, it is then the more utmost important to have faith in yourself that you can weather it through, somehow.

The journey won’t be easy, but it would be definitely worth it.

Be inspired and make a difference today. Make it your goals to make do with what you have.




Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it. -Albert Camus

How frequent do you say this?

I was bypassed for a much deserved promotion, given to a much junior colleague because he knows how to curry favor the manager. Or she is a pretty, young lady.

Or, I couldn’t save any money for investment because I am paying down the mortgage. Or the credit card bills. Or that well-deserved year-end holiday.

Or, I couldn’t go back to school for my masters degree. Because I am just too old. Or I just don’t have the time. Or I just don’t have brain capacity to learn.

If you were to look at the “reasons” given, you would now see that they are merely excuses.

Yes, they are valid reasons. Each person’s circumstances are unique. You know yourself better. Who am I to say that your reasons given is invalid?

I also know that if you want something bad enough, you would find a way to get it.

It is a matter of determination. If your determination is high, you will find a way to achieve. Your obstacles may still remain the same, your reasons may still be valid.

Your reasons may still remain. But for next 30 days, don’t justify for any inactions or actions that you weren’t proud of.

Think before you speak out the “because“. Be silent if you felt the urge to justify.

Let your actions shine. Let it speak louder than words, especially on the word “because“.



Busy Day

I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. – Florence  Nightingale

Looking back at my blog, I was disappointed. What a lack of update on this blog.

But I have my reasons. I was busy at work. Been working till late at night, every day.   I even supported the factory on weekends.

Everything is urgent. Everything is important. I can barely take time out for leisure, let alone this little blog of mine.

Reasons? Or is it excuses?

Not to say that I was lying. I really did work till late at night. I really did go back to work on weekends.

But what’s really important? If this blog is important to me, I will find a time out for it, regardless of what.

Determine your priority. Not that we need to do everything.

But we must do the things that matter to us.

To me, this blog is important. It chronicles my journey in self development. To see how far I have gone, and how much further can I go.

As much as we need to work hard at work, we must work harder on ourselves. In improving ourselves.

Work is just part of our lives. There are many other factors in our lives.

We shouldn’t use an excuse of “busy at work” as an excuse to excuse ourselves from our responsibilities, from our commitments, from our leisure, from our families, from our friends.

Are you busy with your work? Did you neglect other aspects in your life? If it is important for you, you will schedule time out for it. What is the one thing that you will put into your busy schedule today?