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Letters for Mentors

I have a mentor. I have… guides. I have a lot of guides. Not a lot, but people whose opinions I really respect and who I will turn to. – Jake Gyllenhaal

We all know the benefits of getting a mentor, or mentors for the fact.  Now that you already have a mentor, congratulations! What’s next?

What’s the use of having a mentor if you didn’t make full use of it? Mentors are not trophies that you collect and display at the display rack.

A mentor is there to guide you. He or she doesn’t spoon-feed you. How then do you make full use of this new relationship?

Write to them daily. Give an update to them on the following:

Actions that you have taken and the results shown. Mentors like people who take actions. It is not all talks and chit chat. At the end of the day, results prevail. And to get results, you need to put in the action.

Problems encountered and challenges faced. Life is not all rosy. Describe the issues that appear. It could be a problem faced today that you will solve tomorrow, or a problem today that you would seek your mentor’s advice, or even a problem that cannot be solved.

Questions for the mentors. This is where you seek valuable advice and guidance from your mentors. The questions should be based on your mentors’ experience and niche knowledge, not something that can be found easily online. Else, it would be spoon-feeding to you.

Repeat this activity daily, and see the patterns that arises. If you take this exercise seriously, you will find:
1. You are taking more and more actions. Actions lead to results. And more results will lead to more favorable results.
2. You will see a pattern. Successful people thrive from consistent patterns.
3. You will see if your are solving your problems independently or with your mentors’ help.
4. The problems you faced will be more difficult, hence you are leading a higher standard of life. You’re breaking through your comfort zone.
5. You’re giving more and more valuable questions to your mentors, and learning at a higher speed in the same time.

What would you start asking from your mentor today?




A problem is a chance for you to do your best. – Duke Ellington

How to solve a problem? There are many ways, let’s explore one of the more practical ways.

Peter Sage shared some time management strategies recently. One of them is IIR, an acronym for for Issue, Impact and Recommendation.

Whenever you face a problem, remember this:

I : Issue. What is the problem that you are facing?

I : Impact. What is the consequence of the problem?

R : Recommendation. What would be the possible solutions for it?

The world rewards those who solve problem, not those who create them. Your boss won’t like it if you keep on giving troubles for them. They would be delighted if you can solve their problems.

Frame your solutions using the  IIR. Present first the issue faced. Then give the impact. And finally, propose a recommendation to solve it.

A solution without knowing what it solves will not be taken seriously. A solution without knowing the depth of consequences lacks its shine.

Practise IIR in your day-to-day activity. Strive to be a problem-solver, not a problem-creator. It inevitably improves  your communication and presentation skills too. Over time your values will increase and will gain the respect and admiration from your boss and peers.

How will you use IIR in your life today?



Commitment vs Interested

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. – Paul J. Meyer

The next time you wanted to pursue something, ask yourself – are you committed to getting it? Or are you merely interested in it?

If you are committed to it, you would not be stopped by any obstacles, challenges or trouble. If you are merely interested, you would quit on the first sign of problem.

If you are committed to it, you would put all your effort and time to it. If you are merely interested, you put in bare minimum effort.

If you are committed to it, you would make proper planning, think about the actions that would bring you there and resolve to pay the price. If you are merely interested, you would let it pass by.

If you are committed to it, you would take every actions in your hand. If you are merely interested, you would leave things to chances.

What is your stance? Are you committed to your success? Or are you just merely interested?



Friends Matter

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. – Euripides


Friends matter.

As the kid failed to jump, over and over again, with frustration arising, all he needs is just a little bit more of support.

A support saying that he is still loved. That he still has the strength within him. That his friends are behind him. That there is still hope left.

In life, we will face our darkest moments.

Some lucky people will only experience it once or twice.

For the others, these dark moments come rather frequently.

As human, we are adaptable. We are flexible. Every single problems faced would make us stronger.

When you are facing a tough problem, remember this. You are NOT alone. You never be. You have friends with you.

Talk to them.
Spend the day quietly at each other’s side.
Hold their hands.

Things are easier to go through when you are not alone.

Problems shared are problems halved.

Remember your friends and be there for them, especially when they needed it the most.

Problem in life is a given. It happens in most unexpected time. Be resilient. Have supportive friends around you. Surround yourself with kind people.




Write Your Thoughts Down

Don’t fight the problem, decide it. – George C. Marshall


You may be facing a difficult situation now. Maybe it’s about work. Maybe it’s about your school. Maybe it’s on your personal life.

You may be frustrated. You may be overwhelmed. You may feel powerless.

I know that. I understand that. Because that’s how I personally feel right now.

The whole mind is all cluttered. All jumbled up. There is no coherence in the mind. The more you think about it, the more you are stressed.

There’s only one way to move forward. Write it down. Write it all down.

There’s a mysterious power in writing it down. In a moment, everything is clear.

You are able to see how each ideas linked to one another.

If they don’t fit, all you need to do is to re-arrange them. Categorize them in relevant groups.

Rephrase the situations. Re-look at the situation from a new perspective.

They are not just an abstract idea mumbling inside your mind.

You are able to articulate the problem clearly.

It provides you a bird-eye view of how they are all inter-linked. A broad perspective of how things work would usually relieve you from stress.

Now, you have power over it. You’ve taken responsibility to tackle it. First step on regaining your power is to assume responsibility.

What would you do when you are stumped? How would you write it down? How would you articulate?