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Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful. – Edward Norton

Once there is a quote – your net-work is your net-worth.

A person’s success lies not in his intelligence (IQ). It is not based on his ideas. It is also not about his relentless hard work.

Instead, it is about his connections. It is about whom he knows.

A person’s effort is limited. He has but two hands. He needs help. With a larger network, he is able to get more people to help out. A village can help to build a home, faster. Much, much faster.

A person’s ideas is limited. He needs other people to bounce his ideas off. Everyone is different. Different perspective, different cultures, different beliefs allow a multitude of ideas to spawn majestically.

A person’s influence is limited. He needs a community. A like-minded community who shares the same visions. The same goals. To pursue the common good. A community helps to champion a cause.

The question is – have you done something concrete to increase on your network?



Success Network

Back when I was a teenager, I thought that with the right bunch of people anything was possible. – Richard Branson

No one is an island. No one can achieve success all by himself.

There is no self-made millionaire. Yes, he may have done all the hard work, persist and determined to see success to the end. But how would he achieve such success if no one buys his product, no one executes his strategy, and no one supports him emotionally?

“It was the people I surrounded myself with who made the difference: If you treat your employees right, they will treat your customers right, and sustained profits will follow”, said Richard Branson.

How do you surround yourself with the right people?

Be the right people. Like attract like. Be the person you wish to see in the other people. People are generally be drawn to positive, driven people. No one like snobbish people.

But being positive alone won’t work if you just stay locked inside your house whole day. Go out. Mingle with people. Go for networking session. You need to reach out to others, putting yourself in front of other like-minded persons. Attend seminars and workshops.

Empower the people. Each and everyone has their own capabilities and creative thinking. Let them shape the future, and drive the success. You may guide the general strategy. Let them execute your directions as to which seem best fit. Empowerment is one of the best ways to bring forth the best of people.

Always surround yourself with the right people. People who would raise your standards. People who would push you to higher ground. People who would support your dreams.

Go out and meet new friends today. Strangers are friends whom you have yet met.