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Excuses to Success

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.  – Stephen Hawking

Many people dream of success. And yet, there are just so many people who didn’t achieve it.

When probed, there are “reasons” for not achieving success. Are they really “reasons”? Or are they merely excuses?

Let’s see what are the common excuses for not chasing after our dreams. And more importantly, how can we overcome it?

Excuse #1 : I have no time.
Like, seriously? Of course, there is no denying that there are people who work two shifts to make ends meet. These are the kind of people whose rest time is their 4 hours sleep. I understand their plight.

But for the rest of us, do we really don’t have the time? If we would watch less a couple of streaming movies, that would free up  a couple of hours a day.

It is just a matter of prioritization. What is more important? Your current joy or the fruits of your effort?

Excuse #2 : I have no money.
There are people who are poor. And then, there are people who spends indiscriminately. You have the money , all along. It depends on how you spend it. Do you spend it on  buying the things that you want (but don’t need)? Or do you spend it on the things that will help you achieve your dreams faster?

There is also a misconception here. You don’t really need a lot of money to achieve success. All you need is to learn how to make do with what you have. When money is a concern, you need to think creatively. How can you leverage on your time and effort to make up for the lack of money?

Excuse #3 : I don’t have the luck.
Don’t aim for the lucky break. Lottery winners are far and away. And even if they win, their winnings don’t last.

Make your own luck. Chase after each and every one of the opportunities. Always be on the learning. Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.

Excuse #4 : I don’t have the connections.
To have success, you need to know the correct people. People who can make the wheel go round. We are not living in an island. We need each other’s help.

How then do we increase our connection? Always be the helpful one. Develop a habit of helping others. People like people who are helpful and kind. This is a characteristics that draw people to you.

Always seek out new friends. Go out to social gathering and make it a point to know at least two people at each event. Seek out where successful people would gather, and attend the events whenever possible.

These excuses are merely excuses. They hold no power on us, unless we let them to. Don’t give in. Make it a stand, your stand, to say – today is my day. I shall not give any excuses. I shall do my part. I shall work hard for my success.

What would you do? What is your excuse today? And more importantly, how do you resolve on your excuse?




Don’t Deprive People of Work

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. – Pele

Read a newspaper article about make-work.

Would the government do better in giving them a job or just in giving them unemployment package?

Money matters. That much is real. We need money to survive. We need money to buy food. We need money to have a place to stay. We need money to buy for gas and electricity. That much is true.

However, human don’t work just purely for money.

There is the sense of pride. The feeling that we matter. That we can make a difference.

We are capable to contribute. We don’t just wait for people to help. Instead, we are independent. We can make this world a better place.

Which countries have the least crime? The countries where most of its people are working, with sufficient money to support their lifestyles.

People have ego. They want dignity. They don’t want to be fed. They want to earn their rewards through their two bare hands. They want to earn their rewards with their blood and sweat.

Don’t deny them of their dignity. Give them a chance to prove their worth, and you will see a man, or a woman, standing tall, with their chin up, and a smile on their face, capable of facing the world with a belief on their abilities.




I’ve always been interested in how we survive and how resourceful we are as Americans. – Steven Spielberg

Success doesn’t come to those with the most resources. Time, money, strength.

Success comes to those who are resourceful. Those who make do with what they have.

If you don’t have the money, find another job. Get another part time job. Find way to reduce your expenses. Is there another way to do things without the required money?

If you don’t have the time, can you say no to chores that don’t serve you? Can you find ways to do things faster? Can you do things more efficiently?

If you don’t have the strength, can you find someone to help you? How can their energy help you? Can you leverage on other people’s expertise?

Resourcefulness is about making do with what you have. It’s about maximizing your chances of success while reducing the risk or the downside. It’s about thinking out of the box to solve your problems.

What is your current pain points that you are facing right now? How can you see it differently, from a different light? How can you solve it with what you have, or even better, with less than what you have?