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Anger Management

Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you. – Joel Osteen

It is human to be angry. When things don’t go according to our ways. Or the ways things going on just aren’t our preferences.

It is human nature. But then, it doesn’t mean that we have the excuse to indulge in it.

I have my own shares of anger. I lost my temper countless of time. And I don’t offer excuses to it. Instead, I look back and reflect – how could I do better?

If you want to curb on your anger, read on.

Firstly, you must have awareness. You must be aware and catch yourself when you are angry. Determine the trigger points. Is it due to the smaller irritations, that you have been ignoring?

Reframe it. See things differently. There is no universal truth, only truths as you see it. It is just your perspective. The way you see the world shapes the way you act in it.

Meditate. Meditate, meditate, meditate. If you have been reading my blog posts, meditation is a big thing. It keeps you calm and grounded. Choose a mantra that best suits you. Or simply, just sit in silence and let your thoughts pass you by.

Pause. When blood boils up in your head, stop! Pause for a while. Take deep breaths. Don’t regret over actions taken when your mind couldn’t think clearly. Anger is a very strong emotion that would cloud your rational thinking. Stop and breathe. Stop and breathe.

Setting your priorities right. Do you want to be angry on your 4 year old kids over spilling the food on the floor? Do you want to be angry on your spouse for being late to dinner because he or she is finishing their work? Know your priorities. Do you value your family more? Or the ‘clean’ floor that needs cleaning daily?

Reflect. What happens? What triggered it? How did you react? How could you manage it better next time?

I won’t say I am a perfect person. I do feel anger daily. On myself, on others, on the traffic jams. But that is not an excuse to indulge in it.

Though being angry is a human’s valid emotion, it doesn’t mean we should not minimize it. We are in our journey in being a better human being. And in this journey, we should be kind to one another, to live in harmony, and to treat each other with love and respect.

How do you curb your anger? Be kind to others, and more importantly, be kind to yourself.



Writers Block

They succeed because they think they can. – Virgil

As a blogger, or as a matter of fact, any content creators, the most important thing is to publish contents for our readers. Contents is what attracts the audience.

And what happens when you have the proverbial writer’s block? How do you come up with anything, if your mind is in total blank? What does it say of you, as a blogger, as a content creator?

For starter, be assured that writer’s block is a given. There’s an up and down for everyone. We can’t expect ourselves to  come up with content 24/7. Not even the best of the best can do that.  You don’t have to beat yourself over that.

Treat yourself like an engine. It needs time to warm up. Whenever you encounter writer’s block, just keep writing. Write whatever that comes to your mind. It may not make sense. It doesn’t have to. Just familiarize yourself, your finger, with the writings and ideas would come back to you.

Keep yourself occupied with different media. Writer’s block is a sign of non-creativity. You can’t find new ideas if you keep looking at the situation with your old eye-view. Do something different. Entirely different. Like fishing. And painting.

Writer’s block is a sign of blockage. Blockage is a sign of stress. All you need may possibly be a rest. Or meditation. To clear your mind. To flush out all the noise.  Think what is it that you want to create. Focus. And ignore the rest.

And most important of all, persist. Believe in your ability. Strive and rise once again.

What would you do when you have writer’s block?



Anger and Traffic Jam

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret. – Laurence J. Peter

Seldom are we able to control our emotions, especially anger.

Traffic jam is one of the major causes for it. Stuck in the road, unable to proceed. Hot and humid. Smoke from the exhaust pipe fill the air. Sometimes it’s half an hour. Sometimes more than two hours.

And then insensitive people cut you off. Tempers flare. Road rage occur.

How do we maintain a sense of zen? How do we maintain a sense of calmness?

Be aware. Acknowledge that you will face traffic jam.  Acknowledge that there are reckless and selfish drivers out there. It doesn’t mean that you agree with their actions. Instead, it means that you are not caught off-guard, unaware. You are not an ostrich burying your head in the ground.

Meditate. Breathe in, breathe out. Don’t keep your adrenaline pumped up to the max. Listen to calming music. Listen to your favorite radio station. Listen to jokes.

People are fed up with traffic jam, simply because there are other places worth being at. Traffic jam is a waste of time. Instead of treating commute just as it is, see the journey as a journey of self development. Brian Tracy explores the concept of university on wheels. Listen to educational audio in your car. Make every minutes count. Those hours would add up, just like compound effect.

How do you make your commute on the road a better experience? How do you reduce the probability of you erupting in anger? How do you make best use of your time on the road?





God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress. – Kelly Clarkson

It was just another day at work.

Paperwork was piling up. And I was pinned down by the stress.

Working in the same project, my colleague seemed to be breezing through.

And I asked him, “How do you cope with stress?

He said, “Me? I go for a run. I run as hard as I can. I feel tired at the end of the run, run till the extent of exhaustion. Until I can’t think of the things that cause me stressed.

He said every person’s method of managing stress is different. For him, exercising is the best antidote for him. No surprise there – always see him posting his running log at Facebook.

Just like meditation, he said, the objective is to focus on the things other than the things that cause stress.

Being mindless. Or rather being mindfulness on other things.

Things like your breathing.

Or the good stuff that you have.

Or things that you are grateful of. Regardless how small or mundane it may seem.

What is your stress-coping mechanism? What would help in focusing your mind to things that really matter? To remove your mind from toxic thoughts?