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How To Overcome Overwhelm

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. – Saint Francis de Sales

Do you feel overwhelmed?

When you feel like there is just too many things happening at one time?

There’s this project that your boss wants you to finish by this weekend.

There’s the piles of documents waiting for you to be completed and submitted.

Not to forget the grocery for the week.

And the kids’ soccer practice every Tuesday evening and piano lessons on Saturday.

There’s the bills for the utilities, due tomorrow.

What would you do? How do you stop yourself from being overwhelmed? Or worse – spiraling down to burn-out, if you don’t keep it in check?

Keep things in perspective. Understand what is happening in your life right now. List down all the things that you are doing. List down all the things that you are expected to do.

Understand your life goals. What is your life purpose? What do you want to get out of your life? What kind of life experiences? What kind of activities? What would be the very things that you must do – no matter what?

Evaluate the the tasks that you are doing. Compare your tasks to your life goals. Are they in sync? What tasks can be removed? What tasks can be delegated? What tasks can be postponed?

To combat the feeling of overwhelmed, one needs to manage his or her time. To better say it, it isn’t about managing time. But to manage the tasks. Not all tasks are created equal.

With the same 24 hours allocated to the rich, to the poor, to the successful, to the not-so-successful, it is up to us to make full use of it, in a way that would propel you to the success that you have been dreaming of. In a way that you would find happiness.

All of this – without the feeling of being overwhelmed.



Happy Valentine’s Day

We can only learn to love by loving. – Iris Murdoch

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tony Robbins, and his gal, Sage, recently hosted a Spreecast chat (click on the link for the webcast). In which, they answered questions regarding relationships.

A few take-aways from the webcast:

Relationship changes start with you. You have the power to decide and change its direction. Take 100% responsibility.

Decide what kind of person you would like to attract. Write down the list. Clarity rules.

From the list, decide and determine to become the person who would attract your dream gal/guy.

Always be in good state. A good man can do mean things when in bad state. It is all in your mind.

There are many more, but I’ll leave it to you on their 1 hour-long webcast. Have fun!

What would be your take-aways from the webcast?



Competence and Confidence

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. – Marcus Garvey

My colleagues went for their well-deserved one-week holidays.

And I have to back them up for that duration. As emails began coming in, sweat started to flow down my forehead.

And I started to doubt myself.

What am I supposed to do? 

I don’t know anything.

How do I follow up with their tasks?

I am incapable.

What do I really know about it?

The mere thoughts of all the tasks put a stop on my track. I was worried sick.

I realized that I have no confidence.

Competence breeds confidence. So my real issue here is lack of competence.


My friend, seeing me being so  nervous, taught me a method:

Get a piece of paper.
Writing down is easier to your brain and mind than remembering them.

Write out the task on top.
This will be your focus of the task at hand.

What are the things needed to be done in sequence?
When listed the action items in sequence, you can work on them one-by-one. Preferably, it is in actionable, bite-size item.

Did you have the know-how about them?
Competence breeds confidence. At least you would know what are things you know and what that are lacking.

Where can you find the information?
For the lack of information, the source is usually the other colleagues, shared drives, or even the Google.

What are things that you need?
List out the possible tools or approvals needed to proceed.

After listing things down, my friend said : stop worrying, get your butt off the chair and start working on it, one-by-one.

Which I totally agreed.

Once I offloaded the tasks from my mind, I can start to think clearer now. And proceed with my tasks, calmer.

As a friend said: Can you do something about it? If yes, no worries. If can’t, worrying can’t help you too.

Are you worrying about things in life?

How about you trying out the method? See if it helps you in any way?