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Gratitude is a lifestyle

Every day brings new choices. – Martha Beck

Saw an interesting quote on Instagram.

Gratitude is more than an attitude. It’s a lifestyle.

Nicely put. We always think about gratitude as an attitude, or all things mental.

Do you really live it, like a lifestyle?

Something like a way of life. Something that is hip.

Or “in”.

To appeal to the younger generations, it’s all about fanciful lifestyle.

Gratitude is fanciful too. Gratitude is the new black.

Be grateful in all the things that you have. And trust in things that you will have in the future.

Live a great lifestyle, live the life full of gratitude.


New Year Resolution

Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word. – Goran Persson

It has been days since we celebrated New Year. Are we too late to write down our resolutions now?

Of course not. When there’s a will, there is never a time too late.

But first, let’s see. Why so many people set their new year resolution only to see it fail, year after year after year?

I know how it feels, for I have fallen the same.

But why? Why do we fail?

Because the goal is not a must. It’s something that is good to have, but not something that we must have. It’s good to be rich, but we are still living comfortably. Why bother working for an extra 1 to 2 hours daily when we can still pay our bill?

A new year resolution set based on other people’s expectation. You think studying harder would make your parents happy. You think getting slimmer would make your spouse happy.

It’s just too much of a hassle. Changing habits take time. And effort. It’s tough to put on the running shoes, and go for a run, when there’s a nice drama showing on the TV. Especially if it’s cloudy and going to rain any moment now.

It’s a very big difference with our habits. It’s a big jump from being couch potato to a gym enthusiast. From a shy guy to an outspoken stage-controlling speaker. From an illiterate to a literature best-selling author. The gap alone is overwhelming for us to even begin taking the first step.

You’re just going through the motion. It’s just a process that everyone is doing. If everyone’s doing it, you do it as well. Even if you don’t understand how it would help you. You just do it, for the sake of doing it.

You never believe in yourself. You don’t think it would ever work. You’ll just put in on paper, while thinking it would never work. Why bother? Why put in the effort? Or, you may think to yourself, I’ll do it even if I know it won’t work.

You just couldn’t give up your current lifestyle. How do you expect to wake up at 5am if you still prefer clubbing till 2am? How do you want to go out running, if you still want to watch movies at the same time? How are you going to spend the time reading, when all you thinking about is the good time out window-shopping?

Take stock of how you have been setting your new year resolution all these years. How efficient have they become? What went right? And what went wrong? How much distraction in your life? And how they affect your goals? Think through and you will find the answers within you.



National Steps Challenge

If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress. – Barack Obama

Just received my steps tracker yesterday. You would have known it, if you have been following me on Instragram.

It’s a program organized by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). Similar to the ones that my company has been hosting annually, you get rewarded for every steps that you make.

We have become a society where we need rewards to stay active. Not that I’m complaining for the extra tidbits, but being healthy should be an intrinsic motivation by itself.

The daily recommended steps are 10000. From past experiences, I usually just barely made it to 7000.

How to make it to 10000 steps daily? Alight one or two bus stop earlier and walk to your destination. Walk around your neighborhood after dinner. Take the stairs, instead of the elevators.

Talking about stairs, it has recently been an extra-duty exercise for me. I used to be seated at 6th floor office before moving to the 2nd floor office. As I need to constantly access the production area at 8th, I decided to take the stairs.

It didn’t post any challenge walking from 6th floor to the 8th floor. But it was truly a different experience altogether to be walking from 2nd to 8th. At the very first time I attempted it, I gasped for air. I was breathless.

Even if you could clock 10000 steps a day, it doesn’t mean you are healthy if all you are doing is just running for 10km after work. 10000 steps is a guideline, meant to be completed throughout the day. Meant to be a series of exercises, not a single exercise by itself.

It is far healthier to be constantly on the move. Sitting for prolonged duration is bad for health. From what I heard, sitting for more than 30 minutes at a single go is bad for health.

Well then, I should continue to clock my steps. What would you do to stay healthier, to always keep on the move?