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What’s the importance of setting goals? We’ve been ¬†talking ¬†about setting goals for success. But do you really believe in it? Do you set your goals consistently?

It gives us the direction. The end destination that we are going.

It allows us to visualize. To daydream of the lifestyle that we want.

It reminds us on our life purpose.

It serves as a catalyst to focus on our energy.

It is a challenge for us, an aim to achieve something grand.

It provides a platform for us to review our objectives, comparing our intention with what is happening right now.

Goal setting helps. Goal setting works. Goal setting saves.

Do you goal set?



Brendon Burchard’s Hints to Purpose of Life

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – Dalai Lama

It’s a public holiday day. Instead of going out and enjoy, I am being restless. There are many things going on at the back of my head.

And yet, I can’t have a clear mind. A clear thought.

What is the purpose of my life?

And as if by sheer luck, I saw this youtube clip. Brendon Burchard shared his views on finding life purpose.

We don’t find our life purposes. We don’t seek them.

Instead we create them. We define our own life purposes.

It’s all about asking a series of simple questions: What do we like to do? What do we stand for? How best can we serve others? What is meaningful to us, personally?

Life purpose is to be fully alive. Live the moment. Live in the present. Accept and feel whatever is happening right now.

We are not just passing time. Be truly alive.

Everyone is unique. You have your own mindset, your own beliefs, your own habits.

Find your own purpose. You aren’t living other people’s lives. You aren’t living other people’s expectation, no matter how dear they are to you. It’s your life, take charge of it.

We are all connected. We don’t live a digital world. Human connections are still important, and more so when we are now constantly distracted.

To be fully alive, we must remain connected. With our loved ones. With our friends. With our communities.

Have a vision of what is it that you are trying to accomplish. What’s in store in the future – the future that you want to create.

Lack of life purpose is due to lack of vision. There’s no clarity in the vision for the dwellers who just pass time.

Have the self discipline to pursue your life purpose.

What’s your life purpose? How can you move forward to live the life that you desire – one that is full of vibrancy, love and meaning – to live your life not only just for yourself, but for your loved ones and for the world we are in?