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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama


Ever felt frustrated at work?

Ever felt frustrated at learning?

Ever felt frustrated in a relationship?

Dissatisfaction comes from unmet expectation.

The greater the disparity between expectation and reality, the greater the dissatisfaction. The greater the heartache.

Dissatisfaction can be a source of motivation to work harder, but that would be a topic for another time.

To live a happy life, first we must remove unrealistic expectation.  Expectation of how life “should be”.

Especially if the expectation is very unrealistic.

A happy life requires us to review our lives. To determine what is important. Learning life goal, knowing your strength, knowing what you need to know, is to determine what expectation you can set in your life.

Knowing where you are right now (your starting point), knowing where you want to go (your end point), and knowing how you want to go, all these set a more realistic outlook of your way of life.

Dissatisfaction comes from closed communication. Be more open and have an honest communication. It takes the parties to  understand one another, to know each aspiration and to find a common ground to work with.

How do you resolve dissatisfaction in you life? Live a happier life!