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10 Things You Should Never Say to Depressed People

Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. – Ronald Reagan

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They told you what NOT to say to depressed people.

They also let you know what you SHOULD be saying instead.

Basically, there are three portions.

First,  be empathic. Let them know that you understand what they are going through.

Second, take things one step at a time. Not to rush things through. Not to sweep them under the carpet. But to deal with it one task at a time.

Third, let them know that you are there with them. They don’t have to deal with it alone. You can be there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.

Depression is a serious matter. Help them whenever you could. You could be saving a life.




being kind

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

There’s one colleague who is extremely kind to me.

He is one who is very helpful. There’s a new project that I am currently doing, which is full of obstacles. And yet, he keeps on assisting me.

He is one who likes to share. He likes reading books on the topics of healthy lifestyle and always shares new ideas on eating healthily.

I thought it is just his character of treating people well. This is true. He treats  other people nicely.

However, he also told me, he is kind to me because of an act of kindness I did for him long time ago.

Long time ago. It was like a few years back.

It was nothing amount to greatness, just a small gesture. A very small gesture that I would just have dismissed it.

However, he keeps it in mind, and always help me, whenever he can.

An act of kindness, regardless how small, is appreciated.

An act of kindness, no matter how far back was done in the past, is still remembered.

An act of kindness, to whomever it is given, is a gift without a price tag.

Be kind without any expectation.

Be kind, just because.

Make kindness as your lifestyle. And you will be pleasantly surprise with the end results.




I think a role model is a mentor – someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them. – Denzel Washington

Read this post by Inc.

There are plenty of reasons to finding a good mentor.

A good mentor shares his or her experience.

He can point to you the pitfalls he has once encountered.

She can shorten your learning curve.

He can guide you on the correct path.

She sets you thinking in a different manner.

He can show you the culture of the new environment.

She can introduce you to the persons who could help you.

The truth is, a mentor can do a lot of things. But they can’t do your learning for you. They can’t substitute your hard work. They can’t replace your vision.

A mentor is a guide. A guardian. A friend. Just like a lighthouse, he helps shine for the lost ships. But they can’t sail the ships.

There are plenty of reasons of finding a mentor. The question is – do you have a good mentor?



Feeling Behind in Your Life

The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people. – John C. Maxwell

You may have felt overwhelmed.

Your peers are doing well in school, and yet you barely understand what is being taught.

Your friends have been promoted to senior posts with high salaries, and yet you remain the same place.

You finally found your passion, and going back to school, only to see your other classmates are much younger and learning much faster.

You felt like you are behind in life. What do you do?

Accept it. Accept the reality. Realize that you are at the place that you currently are. Understand that each masters start as a beginner, ignorant and slow. Don’t give up and don’t beat yourself up. There are many successful late bloomers who didn’t see any results until they are 60s.

Put in the work. Beginners progress to become masters by being focused and putting in the hard work. Remember the 10000 hours rule? Know that the time will past by, whether you are working on improving your trades or not.

Get help. Get advice. Get guidance. You don’t need to work on it alone. Learn from others. Don’t recreate the wheel. Cut down the learning curve by learning from others’ experiences.

It may be a slow and tough battle for you. Don’t give it up. You’ll reap the rewards for all the hard work that you’ve put in. What would you do today, to bring you forward one more step?



Are You Lost?

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean

Was reading Zig Ziglar’s You Can Reach The Top.

One of the stories went like this:

A traveller ventured to a remote place, and was convinced he took the wrong road. He saw a villager and said, “Friend, I need help. I was lost.”

The villager asked,” Do you know where you are?”

The traveller said,” Yes, I saw the name of your town.”

The villager asked,” Do you know where you want to go?”

The traveller said,” Yes, I know.”

The villager said,” Then, my friend, you are not lost. You just needed directions.”

In life, we sometimes felt like we are at a loss.

We have no sense of directions. We don’t know what to do.

The very first thing to do is to reflect.

What do we want in life (where you want to go)?

What do we have right now (where you are now)?

All it takes is a little time to ponder what is it that you want to achieve. Sometimes, this is tough, just because we are scared to take the responsibility in directing our life. We are scared of what we are capable of. We are worried of what-if we fail, and its consequences.

And we thought it is best to leave the decisions to others to make. Like our parents. Like our boss. Like our spouse. Like our government.

Stop! Decide to make your own decisions, today.

And the next logical solution is simply finding ways to connect the two dots. Create your map. We have all the knowledge.

You’ve been reading so many books, listening to so many podcasts, attending so many seminars.

If you don’t know, you have the ability within you to seek out the answer. To Google. To Amazon. In your public library. In Youtube.

And the final step is to execute the solutions, persist in taking the actions. Never to give up. Motivation will come once you have started taking actions.

Do you know where you are? And where do you want to go?




Pay It Forward

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. – Audrey Hepburn

In a world full with constant negative news, it’s very hard to stay positive.

But that is the very reason why it is more important now to stay positive.

We must not let negativity rule our world.

We are not ignorant of all the negativity in the world. Instead, we choose on positivity, and what we can do make this world a better place.

To stay positive is not enough. We must help others.

Often we receive help from others. And most of the time, we cannot repay their kindness directly.

The only way, is to pay it forward. Paying it forward is a means to influence others. To inform them of this movement. To let them know that they too can help others.

Passing it forward, of the goodness in life. Everyone needs help. Everyone can help others, in one way or another. To help without expecting anything in return. To help one another, even strangers.

Especially strangers.

The question is, how can you pay it forward?