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What’s your joy?

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. – Carol Burnett

Just back from a simple gathering with a university friend. We’ve known each other for almost 13 years, from the very first day when we stepped into NTU.

Time passed by rather very quickly.

We’ve been in Singapore for almost 13 years.
We’ve been working for almost 9 years.

My friend said: “I was in the shower after gym one day. As the water ran down, I was thinking, ‘What has happened to my life all these years? What did I achieve? What do I have joy in doing?’

We took things for granted. When life is comfortable, we started cruising in our lives. We stopped learning. And we stopped taking risk. We stopped breaking through our comfort zone.

We aimed for easy, instead of growth. We aimed for comfort, instead of potential. We aimed for security, instead of abundance.

When we start to live our lives on auto-pilot, it is time that we stop living. It is time when we started drifting backwards. It is time where nothing is memorable anymore.

What’s the biggest regret of people? It is not the television drama that they missed out. Or the latest smartphone that they didn’t buy.

It was on the opportunity that they didn’t take. It was on the experience they didn’t dare to chase. It was on the love they are afraid to fall on.

Life is short, regardless of how you want to think otherwise. It is this mortality that stops us on the track, and to think, “What is really important for me?

What is important for you?




When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. – Walt Disney

What do you think is the biggest skill one must have? One skill to succeed in life? One skill to gain happiness in life?

That one skill, you may have known by now, is curiosity. A sense of exploration. To skim through and to deep dive on anything that may interest you. You can have just a brief knowledge of a broad range of subjects by skimming through. Or you could go all out in a particular topics, making you an expert in the process.

If you would show interest, people would be willing to teach you. They feel appreciated. They feel valued.

If you would be curious, you would put in effort. You are focused. And your learning will be a more enjoyable journey.

If you are curious, you would learn more than other people. You will know much more things than you would be settling for. You could be a walking encyclopedia.

Curiosity is a skill. A skill that can be learnt. If only you would pay more attention to your surrounding. If you would just ask one more question. If you would just smile and look at it objectively. Nothing would stop you from being curious.

Curiosity kills the cat. That’s one popular sayings. All it meant is that we don’t delve into matters that  are dangerous, like taking drugs. But we should be curious on other things that are wonderful, that would promote our growth, that is essential in our journey to become a useful person.

Stay curious and let your learning journey begins.