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Grass Jelly with iced Milk Tea

Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life. Security is an insipid thing. – William Congreve

I was at the hawker centre that day. It was lunchtime and I wanted something to drink.

In my mind, I had decided to drink iced milo.

And then, my eyes caught at something interesting.

Grass jelly with iced milk tea.


That’s something different. I’ll just try that.

And the verdict? Suffice to say it falls short of expectation.

Does that mean that I won’t try something else next time? No!

In life, we crave for something new. Tony Robbins said that uncertainty is one of the driving factors in human behaviors.

What it means is that uncertainty adds spices and freshness in our lives. If everything is certain, we will get bored fast.

Of course, uncertainties that you like, you would call them surprises. Those that you don’t, you call them troubles.

Just as in life, we should add variety in our day-to-day activities. Try something new. It may not bring you the right results, just like my grass jelly with iced milk tea.

But out of 100 tries, you are bound to find a few that would surprise you. And it may just shift your life to the better. Those that didn’t work out would serve as a lesson for you to do other things differently.

Just like the famous Thomas Edison’s sayings, “I didn’t fail 1000 times. I only find out 1000 ways on how not to make the light bulb.”

And what does that mean to my grass jelly with iced milk tea?

I’ll continue to try new drinks if they offer. As for the grass jelly, I’ve learnt my lesson and would take note not to order it.