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8 hours workday myth

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. – Aldous Huxley

From the industrial era, the 8-hours a day work has been a norm.

It is still a norm now. But do we ever question on its effectiveness?

Reading the article here, our focus only lasts 1 to 3 hours. This should be the time when we focus all of our attention in getting the most out of our work. By putting in all the focus, we are to remove all the distraction. Nothing but the work in the next 3 hours.

It’s all about short-burst of intense activity. Think about HIIT. Getting more done, in a fraction of the time that is usually required.

It’s about going all out, not half-baked effort, as the time allocated is less. We don’t have the time to squander. Therefore, each action taken is with a purpose – the sole purpose of meeting your goals.

Creativity doesn’t come from working long hours. Fatigue rarely leads to creativity, you need rest. You can’t extract any of your creative juice if you are tired.

Understand which part of the day where you are highly energetic. Do all your high-valued work there. Work that needs the highest processing power of your mind.

Don’t check and reply your emails during this golden period. And please, no social media contents.

But they would say – the boss pay you for the 8 hour workday. You can’t just leave your work. Of course I am not telling you to leave your work.

Understand this – do your most valuable work during the 3 hours. Where you would contribute the most to yourself, to your boss, to your company, to your customers. Then, you do the other non-essential, like the paperwork. And from the pocket of time available, do some readings to continuously improve yourself.

Not all time is created equal. It’s up to you to decide how you want to live your life more meaningfully.





Over time, grit is what separates fruitful lives from aimlessness. –  John Ortberg

According to the book Grit to Great, written by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, success depends on the acronym of G.R.I.T..

G : Guts. You must be courageous in facing your challenges. You should not back down upon the first sight of obstacles. Be brave and take the bull by its horn.

R : Resilience. When things get tough, well, you just have to keep on going. Persevere on. One will always fail. Success belongs to those brush it off, learn from it and stand up once again.

I : Initiatives. Be a self-starter. Don’t wait until you are told to do something. Don’t always do the same thing. Be creative. View the problems with a new pair of lens, with a new mindset.

T : Tenacity. You have to be focused. Focus on the problem on hand. Don’t get lost in every and any other happenings around you. Stay focused and get the things done.

How do you apply G.R.I.T. in your life?



Evolve MMA

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of. – Bruce Lee

Was window shopping at Orchard the other day when something caught my eyes.

That row of sandbags at Orchard Central. And a bunch of guys doing roundhouse kicks on them.

A few conversations later with the staff ended up with me signing up for a complimentary class with Evolve MMA.

The complimentary class gives you a taste, or rather a preview, of what is to be expected from the gym.

It was just a 30 minutes preview, where the Muay Thai instructor taught me some basics for the punches and kicks. It was just 30 minutes, but it was enough to drain all of my energy, and left me with sore feet.

A flat fees of membership allows you to :

Unlimited use of the gym and facilities – open daily including public holidays.

Clean toilets and shower rooms – a plus for those who are very particular on cleanliness.

Coaching by the world champions themselves – impressive line up of the instructors.

A vast field of martial arts – Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, boxing, mixed martial arts.

Social well-being – it is not just a gym. It is more than a gym. A community to hang out with, to bond together, to train together.

The last one is the most impressive thing. People have this misconception, according to the staff, that gym is a very individualistic approach, where you train by yourself.

As with anything individual, you need to be very focused and determined, else you would quit half way. Instead of making things difficult for yourself, why not take a more efficient approach – by joining the like-minded community who help to support each other?

It is a good experience, if you can afford the classes.

If you have doubt, sign up for a complimentary class first and judge for yourself if it suits your need.

Another plus point is that the staff is friendly and not pushy in asking you to join the gym.

Do you join a gym now? What would be the things you are looking for, the main considerations for you?