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Standard Chartered Marathon 2016

I loved the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I’m competing with is me. – Wilma Rudolph

It’s Standard Marathon Singapore 2016 tomorrow. I’ve registered for Full Marathon but decided not to run.

Had fever last weekend and still recuperating. Still coughing and feeling lethargic.

My friends said, “Go run! Don’t quit! Don’t give up!”

My family said, “Don’t run! Health and safety first!”

Conflicting suggestions. Externally and internally.

My ego wanted to run. But my health said otherwise.

Living a good life is about choosing your battles wisely. You don’t have to step into every single battle. If the odds are against you, just step back. Admit defeat and come back another day.

If you are considering extreme sports, always take precaution. Your health and safety comes first, no matter what. Even if your competitive nature pushes you to the limit.

Smart people consider their limits and act wisely. Ignorant people ignore their limits recklessly.

For now, I would rest well. And sign up for another run another day.





Presentation Skills

I am careful with my material and presentation. – Shelley Berman

My company is involved in a lean project showcase next week. And my colleague and I were tasked to a project to improve on our processes.

As we were reviewing our scopes with our lean expert, my colleague voiced out his concern on presenting his project.

And this is what happens:

Expert : Do you have a wife?

Colleague : Err… yeah.

Expert : Do you have children?

Colleague : Yes.

Expert : How old are they?

Colleague : One is eight, another is seven.

Expert : Good. That’s a good age. Gather them tonight and tell them a story.

Colleague :  Tell a story?

Expert : Yes, tell them a story. A story about your project. If they can understand it, then you are good enough in presenting your project. That’s also the time where you can do more on your practices. And oh yeah, make your wife the time keeper too.

It was such a simple concept, yet it sounds so profound to us.

Throughout our working/professional career, presentation is just that – presentation. Everything is formal, everything is about powerpoint slides.

But this lean expert is different. He approaches it with a different angle.

It is all about story. Telling a story. A story that can catch the audience’s attention.

It doesn’t have to be dry and boring. It can be lively and fun.

So long it conveys the message that you are trying to put to your audiences.

Sounds interesting.

Have you been doing any presentation lately? Or are you going to do one? What would it take if you try to do in a story-telling mode? Would it sound fun to you?



What makes a great concert?

A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage, It’s my favorite part of the business, live concerts. – Elvis Presley

Went for my very first paid concert in Esplanade last Saturday. The singer-songwriter Ling Kai gives her all in a wonderful performance. What really makes it wonderful?

Style. Each artist has his or her own unique style. Developing it, nurturing it, giving it a personal touch – something that reaches out to the audience and making it more genuine. Something that the fans would relate to.

Family support. Supportive family and friends give the assurance and love, allowing the artists to perform at their very best.

Spontaneity. Instead of the mundane non-interaction, reaching out to the audience, involving them is the best way to build rapport.

Sound system and lighting. Concert is an all sensory experience. The lighting is fantastic, illuminating the singer and the band, while darken the whole studio. Strobe lighting creates the rock effect. Surround sound system. All these making it a more fulfilling experience.

Supportive crew. Backstage and logistic staff are usually the unsung heroes, given that they seldom get the credits that they deserve. Yet, without them, nothing runs smoothly, and without them, the artist couldn’t deliver the best experience for the audience.

It has been a truly value-for-money and value-for-time experience for me. Looking forward to even more concerts in the future.

When was the last time you went for a concert? What factors or what are the things that you say, “Hey, this makes it all more interesting.”