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What’s the importance of setting goals? We’ve been  talking  about setting goals for success. But do you really believe in it? Do you set your goals consistently?

It gives us the direction. The end destination that we are going.

It allows us to visualize. To daydream of the lifestyle that we want.

It reminds us on our life purpose.

It serves as a catalyst to focus on our energy.

It is a challenge for us, an aim to achieve something grand.

It provides a platform for us to review our objectives, comparing our intention with what is happening right now.

Goal setting helps. Goal setting works. Goal setting saves.

Do you goal set?




What is the price of your success?

Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.  -Arnold H. Glasow

What is the price of your success?

There are sacrifices that need to be taken. There are changes in life that you need to make. There are changes in mindset that you need to adopt.

But really, what is the price of your success?

Time. There is no overnight success. We marvel at an overnight sensation, someone who made it at American Idol or The Voice, not knowing the time they put in to perfect their crafts. We seem to forget there is such a rule called 10,000 hours to mastery.

Energy. You need to put in the effort to do it. Success comes from freaking hard work. And it comes from you being persistent, doing the same boring routine day in and day out. It’s about you doing the right thing regardless of the seasons of the year.

Learning. To succeed, you need to keep on learning. The world is forever changing. What works yesterday may not work today. And it will definitely won’t work tomorrow. Someone, somewhere, would come up with a brand new innovation. A better way to do things. A faster and cheaper alternative. A disruptive technology. A whole new world. To stay ahead, we have to keep abreast.

Social. When you put in time and energy in pursuing your dream, there’s no time left for mindless social gathering. Your non-empowering friends would start to desert you, or worse, bring you down, for you are becoming different from them. Someone whom they longed to be, and yet didn’t have the courage  and persistence to pursue it.

Success is a long and tiring road. At times, you may to give up. But think back. Think back on the reasons why are you pursuing it in the first place.

It is a lonely journey going up. It is a long journey going up. But trust me, when all is said and done, it will worth every single effort and time you have put in.

What is the price you have paid to achieve the success you are having at this moment of time? What else could you do for future success?


Dreams Pursuit

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. – Langston Hughes


Everyone has a dream. A vision. Something they felt that they should be doing all their lives.

And yet, there is the demand for your time. The demand for your energy. The demand for your attention.

You’ll be swamped by other things in life. And your dreams take a back seat.

It is frustrating for not able to do it.

Must we live our lives like this? To admire those who can chase their dreams, while beating ourselves up for not being able to follow ours.

We can break this cycle. We are as worthy as others in achieving our dreams.

First, we must determine the priority in our lives. Does our dream have priority in the midst of our other commitments in life?

If yes, put your dreams into schedule. If nothing is scheduled, nothing is done.

How about your energy? A person’s energy is limited. No one person can be master of all trades.

Don’t waste your energy unnecessarily. Choose your activities wisely.

Does ADHD sound familiar to you? Bombarded with advertisement on TV, newsfeed in Facebook, cat pictures on Instagram, how could one be possibly be sane in a chaotic world.

How do you keep focused? To keep concentrated in your dreams?

Cut out the non-essential. Learn to meditate. It isn’t so much as to what you have in your plate as to how much you have consciously choose to leave the others out.

Raise your chance, raise your fighting chance, in achieving your goals. It is all about increasing the probabilities of success.

How would you choose to chase after your dreams? How do you manage your time, your energy, your attention?