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Don’t Deprive People of Work

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. – Pele

Read a newspaper article about make-work.

Would the government do better in giving them a job or just in giving them unemployment package?

Money matters. That much is real. We need money to survive. We need money to buy food. We need money to have a place to stay. We need money to buy for gas and electricity. That much is true.

However, human don’t work just purely for money.

There is the sense of pride. The feeling that we matter. That we can make a difference.

We are capable to contribute. We don’t just wait for people to help. Instead, we are independent. We can make this world a better place.

Which countries have the least crime? The countries where most of its people are working, with sufficient money to support their lifestyles.

People have ego. They want dignity. They don’t want to be fed. They want to earn their rewards through their two bare hands. They want to earn their rewards with their blood and sweat.

Don’t deny them of their dignity. Give them a chance to prove their worth, and you will see a man, or a woman, standing tall, with their chin up, and a smile on their face, capable of facing the world with a belief on their abilities.



Standard Chartered Marathon 2016

I loved the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I’m competing with is me. – Wilma Rudolph

It’s Standard Marathon Singapore 2016 tomorrow. I’ve registered for Full Marathon but decided not to run.

Had fever last weekend and still recuperating. Still coughing and feeling lethargic.

My friends said, “Go run! Don’t quit! Don’t give up!”

My family said, “Don’t run! Health and safety first!”

Conflicting suggestions. Externally and internally.

My ego wanted to run. But my health said otherwise.

Living a good life is about choosing your battles wisely. You don’t have to step into every single battle. If the odds are against you, just step back. Admit defeat and come back another day.

If you are considering extreme sports, always take precaution. Your health and safety comes first, no matter what. Even if your competitive nature pushes you to the limit.

Smart people consider their limits and act wisely. Ignorant people ignore their limits recklessly.

For now, I would rest well. And sign up for another run another day.





Think Win Win

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. – Tony Robbins

Stephen Covey has written a great classic, called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

In his book, the fourth habit is Think Win/Win.

Everyone has their own goals and interests. These are different for each person.

Therefore, whenever we interact with other people, there will be a conflict of interest. Especially when it’s a negotiation.

There are a few outcomes from this interaction – Win/Lose, Lose/Win, Lose/Lose, or Win/Win.

Win/Lose is a selfish mindset. We aim to meet our goals without considering the impact on other people. We may win in this deal, but others would wise up to not interact with us in the future, just as the proverbial burning the bridge.

Lose/Win is an attitude of giving in to others. We may think of ourselves as selfless, but this is just a coward way of interaction. This would only give others the opportunity to step on our head and disrespect us.

Lose/Lose is an act of ego. It is based on the attitude of if I were to lose, you would come down with me. An outcome that would bring a loss to everyone involved, all because of ego standing in the way.

Win/Win is the attitude of seeing things ideally. We may have conflicting interests, but we are willing to go the extra miles so that we can each achieve our goals. To think out of the box, so that the goals are not mutually exclusive. It’s about thinking through our options and considering the best alternatives for both short- and long-term.

How differently would you view your interactions?

Be wise enough to consider all the options.

Be kind enough to think Win/Win.

Be strong enough to walk away if can’t.

Be smart enough to think long-term.

How would you communicate today?



She said Hello

I’m always shy when I meet people I admire so I wouldn’t be able to say anything rather than, “How do you do? Love you! Bye!” – Jacki Weaver

There is this one pretty gal. Who always takes the same bus as me when I go to work.

I’ve wanted to get to know her, but I was shy.

Or rather, I was scared.

What if she said no?
What if she thought I was a freak?
What if she thought I was harassing her?
What if she said no?

What if..?

And then, there is also another thought flashed by.

What if – I missed out the chance if I never asked?

And I realized – I wasn’t shy.

I wasn’t scared for the right reason.

I was scared – for I fear my ego would be bruised.

How many a times would we be scared to pursue a thing that we wanted – all because of rejection. Of what it would do to our ego. Of what it may associate (or rather we thought it would) to our self esteem.

That we are too scared, ending up with the things we wanted to do were buried deep down, somewhere, with spiderweb, never to see daylight again?

Our self worth doesn’t depend on other people’s approval.

And luckily, she said replied,“Hello, nice to meet you.” Albeit a bit taken back from the sudden chit-chat, and yet she also showed the most beautiful smile ever.

The worst it may happen is she said, “No” and I would go on with my life – knowing I have tried.

The best thing that has yet to happen (when I took action) is that it may grow into a beautiful friendship.

As they said, strangers are friends yet to know.

What are the things that you are scared to do now? All because of ego? Think about it, keep it light-hearted and give it a try.



Persistence and Stubbornness

Energy and persistence conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin

Had a gathering with friends over a new year party when they brought up this topic. Persistence.

If you are visionary, persistence is good. You would not accept no for an answer. You would work your ass off to get to your goals.

People like Steve Jobs, who would be proven right at the end of the day. For coming up with visionary products, way ahead of time, before consumers would even embrace it and subsequently fall in love with all the i-variants – the iPod, iPhone, iPad.

On the other end, if you are persistent for the wrong reason, you are just plain stubborn. These are the people who are not driven by passion. Instead, they are driven by ego – obsessively staunch to their own opinions, closed-mindedness.

It is just a small, tiny thread of string separating persistence and stubbornness.

How would we know if we are persisting for the right course or being stubborn?

It all lies in our intention. Yes, intention.

If the intention is to serve the greater good of the world, yes, we should persist.

If the intention is to tell the world that we are right, regardless of what, then we are stubborn.

What are the goals that you should be persisting at this very moment? And what goals should you drop, because you are overly driven by ego?