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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey

Celebrate your success. Celebrate your milestones!

That doesn’t mean that you are being egoistic. Or arrogant. Or bragging.

No. It doesn’t mean you are showing off too.

It is actually a good thing. Really.

It improves your self esteem. You respect yourself more. You do not pity yourself, for you have success along your way.

You appreciate of the tiny things in life. Of everything that you are capable of doing.

You are more confident. You have done it before, and you can definitely do it again. It is evident that you have the capabilities of succeeding.

If you are feeling down and out, you can refer back to the past success that you have. Of all your accomplishment. Enough with the whining, and get back to work. You can redeem yourself.

It’s always feel good to celebrate success. A simple way of being happy.

Make it a habit to celebrate life, and to celebrate the things that you have done.  Stay cheerful and embrace life.



Presentation Skills

I am careful with my material and presentation. – Shelley Berman

My company is involved in a lean project showcase next week. And my colleague and I were tasked to a project to improve on our processes.

As we were reviewing our scopes with our lean expert, my colleague voiced out his concern on presenting his project.

And this is what happens:

Expert : Do you have a wife?

Colleague : Err… yeah.

Expert : Do you have children?

Colleague : Yes.

Expert : How old are they?

Colleague : One is eight, another is seven.

Expert : Good. That’s a good age. Gather them tonight and tell them a story.

Colleague :  Tell a story?

Expert : Yes, tell them a story. A story about your project. If they can understand it, then you are good enough in presenting your project. That’s also the time where you can do more on your practices. And oh yeah, make your wife the time keeper too.

It was such a simple concept, yet it sounds so profound to us.

Throughout our working/professional career, presentation is just that – presentation. Everything is formal, everything is about powerpoint slides.

But this lean expert is different. He approaches it with a different angle.

It is all about story. Telling a story. A story that can catch the audience’s attention.

It doesn’t have to be dry and boring. It can be lively and fun.

So long it conveys the message that you are trying to put to your audiences.

Sounds interesting.

Have you been doing any presentation lately? Or are you going to do one? What would it take if you try to do in a story-telling mode? Would it sound fun to you?



Job Interview

There’s only one interview technique that matters. Do your homework so you can listen to the answers and react to them and ask follow-ups. Do your homework, prepare. – Jim Lehrer

Had dinner with a friend just now. He just went for his interview and he was ecstatic about it. He was upbeat and confident of nailing the job.

Why is that so? He shares some tips with me.

Always be confident. Confidence is a state of mind. It also comes from practising the interviewing process many times.

Anticipate the questions asked and prepare the answers that would show you in a better light. It’s all about reframing the answers to the best of your ability.

Understand the company’s perspective and strength. And compare them to their competitors without bringing the competitor down. Always shine good light on the company.

Arrive at the interviewing office early so that you don’t face unnecessary stress (like traffic jam). It also gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the environment.

Greet everyone there – including the receptionist and janitor. You never know whom you would be seeing on your way up (or down) the corporate ladder. They could even be the gatekeeper to your success.

After all the interviews are over, send a follow-up email. Thanking everyone for their time and consideration of you joining their team.

All those that he had pointed out are common sense. However, not all common sense are common practice.

It is usually the small things that separate the winners than the other candidates.

What are your tips in acing the interview?



Competence and Confidence

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. – Marcus Garvey

My colleagues went for their well-deserved one-week holidays.

And I have to back them up for that duration. As emails began coming in, sweat started to flow down my forehead.

And I started to doubt myself.

What am I supposed to do? 

I don’t know anything.

How do I follow up with their tasks?

I am incapable.

What do I really know about it?

The mere thoughts of all the tasks put a stop on my track. I was worried sick.

I realized that I have no confidence.

Competence breeds confidence. So my real issue here is lack of competence.


My friend, seeing me being so  nervous, taught me a method:

Get a piece of paper.
Writing down is easier to your brain and mind than remembering them.

Write out the task on top.
This will be your focus of the task at hand.

What are the things needed to be done in sequence?
When listed the action items in sequence, you can work on them one-by-one. Preferably, it is in actionable, bite-size item.

Did you have the know-how about them?
Competence breeds confidence. At least you would know what are things you know and what that are lacking.

Where can you find the information?
For the lack of information, the source is usually the other colleagues, shared drives, or even the Google.

What are things that you need?
List out the possible tools or approvals needed to proceed.

After listing things down, my friend said : stop worrying, get your butt off the chair and start working on it, one-by-one.

Which I totally agreed.

Once I offloaded the tasks from my mind, I can start to think clearer now. And proceed with my tasks, calmer.

As a friend said: Can you do something about it? If yes, no worries. If can’t, worrying can’t help you too.

Are you worrying about things in life?

How about you trying out the method? See if it helps you in any way?



The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one. – Mia Hamm.

It was a boring weekend – with nothing to do. And to chance upon this Youtube clip with interesting contents. Although the title is on entrepreneur, you can find nuggets of lessons scattered all over the presentation.


Confidence is the skill needed to seize on every opportunities.

People quit. Especially from the perceived notion of competition. You will be surprised of how many people really take action.

In life, ability to sell that matters. Everything involves selling. Learn and improve the skills.

Waiting versus creating. Do you wait for opportunities? Or do you go out and create it yourself?

Just start. Forget about being a perfectionist. If you have a writer’s block, just lower your standard and continue writing. This applies to all of the blocks you face in whatever parts of your life.

There are more to go, it is a 1-hour speech. I won’t continue summarizing it here, instead I highly encourage you to watch it. It will be among the best one hour in your life, trust me =)

Matt Hussey is a coach, an author and a TV personality. You can find more info at his Facebook page.

21Convention is a conference for the guys under 21 years old to improve themselves. More information on the panorama event of life on earth as a man at its homepage.