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What’s the importance of setting goals? We’ve been  talking  about setting goals for success. But do you really believe in it? Do you set your goals consistently?

It gives us the direction. The end destination that we are going.

It allows us to visualize. To daydream of the lifestyle that we want.

It reminds us on our life purpose.

It serves as a catalyst to focus on our energy.

It is a challenge for us, an aim to achieve something grand.

It provides a platform for us to review our objectives, comparing our intention with what is happening right now.

Goal setting helps. Goal setting works. Goal setting saves.

Do you goal set?



Letters for Mentors

I have a mentor. I have… guides. I have a lot of guides. Not a lot, but people whose opinions I really respect and who I will turn to. – Jake Gyllenhaal

We all know the benefits of getting a mentor, or mentors for the fact.  Now that you already have a mentor, congratulations! What’s next?

What’s the use of having a mentor if you didn’t make full use of it? Mentors are not trophies that you collect and display at the display rack.

A mentor is there to guide you. He or she doesn’t spoon-feed you. How then do you make full use of this new relationship?

Write to them daily. Give an update to them on the following:

Actions that you have taken and the results shown. Mentors like people who take actions. It is not all talks and chit chat. At the end of the day, results prevail. And to get results, you need to put in the action.

Problems encountered and challenges faced. Life is not all rosy. Describe the issues that appear. It could be a problem faced today that you will solve tomorrow, or a problem today that you would seek your mentor’s advice, or even a problem that cannot be solved.

Questions for the mentors. This is where you seek valuable advice and guidance from your mentors. The questions should be based on your mentors’ experience and niche knowledge, not something that can be found easily online. Else, it would be spoon-feeding to you.

Repeat this activity daily, and see the patterns that arises. If you take this exercise seriously, you will find:
1. You are taking more and more actions. Actions lead to results. And more results will lead to more favorable results.
2. You will see a pattern. Successful people thrive from consistent patterns.
3. You will see if your are solving your problems independently or with your mentors’ help.
4. The problems you faced will be more difficult, hence you are leading a higher standard of life. You’re breaking through your comfort zone.
5. You’re giving more and more valuable questions to your mentors, and learning at a higher speed in the same time.

What would you start asking from your mentor today?



Keep Pushing

Responsibility for learning belongs to the student, regardless of age. – Robert Martin

Have you ever worked out in the gym? Especially weight lifting?

You would notice that in the beginning, you would get refined muscles for a certain weight. With the same weight over time, you would not get the same results. Worse, your muscles would decline.

Why is this happening? It is still the same weights that you are doing.

It is a condition called as plateau. It seems like there is no progress despite the same efforts put in.

That’s why, the coaches suggest changing of the rhythm, the tempo, and the weight. To stretch your muscles, and in maintaining it or developing it further.

In life, just like in weight lifting, we would face plateau in any endeavor that we pursue. We may feel bored. We may feel restless. Especially if it has become a routine. A mundane routine, that is.

The only way out is to grow out of the comfort zone. Continuously challenge yourself. Aim higher, hit harder. Challenge brings progress. Challenge your assumptions. Question your beliefs, especially on your limitations.

If we don’t progress, we digress. We won’t be staying stagnant. It would be worse if others took the opportunity and continued progressing, leaving us behind in dust.

Keep on pushing and never give up.

Mid life crisis. Mid career crisis. Unfulfilled relationship.

You heard about it. Think about it. Why? Due to boredom. Due to lack of enthusiasm.

It’s all about plateau.

Change the paradigm. Life is meant to excel. Grow beyond your wildest dream.

What area in your life that you are feeling stagnant at this very moment? What ways can you think about in changing it? How would you challenge it?

Plateau is not the end of the world. Instead, it is a timely reminder that you can aim higher. It shows you the lack in that particular area, things to look into, to question – how could you do better?


Programming Your Mind for Success

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. – Danny Kaye

Carrie Green gave a brilliant talk on being successful.

Why we didn’t take the actions to succeed? Typical reasons (or excuses) given are fear, obstacles, and lack of motivation.

When we are presented with a challenge – what really went through your mind? To dismiss it, to grab it, or to do it out of goodwill?

The mind influences our decisions to make, our actions to take, and subsequently the results we will get.

If we do not know what to do, but we are committed to achieve our end results, what do we do? We ask. It’s as simple as that. Ask for directions and help.

Success needs to have a feeling of being fulfilled. Success without pursuing your passion is wrong. It won’t last. It would make your life hollow.

Success depends on how you control your self-limiting beliefs. Focus on the things that you want to achieve (the why, the what, the how), instead of the awful thoughts and problems.

If you want to know more of her, here’s her facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/FemaleEntrepreneurAssociation

What would your mind tell you to do? Or rather, what would you tell our mind to think?



September Challenge : No Cold Desserts

If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me, because I’d like to hear it again. – Groucho Marx

If you knew me personally, you would have known that I am addicted to cold desserts.

Every time after lunch or dinner, I would go for a round of ice kacang, chendol or even McDonald’s McFlurry.

Almost every single day.

Or every other day.

It has been become a very unhealthy lifestyle, and I suddenly have this thought in my head, Why don’t I go cold turkey for a month?

Well, I know I set myself up for failure. But there is a lesson to it.

For the 25 days (I started late), I had one McDonald Sakura Blackcurrant McFlurry, two ice kacang, one chendol, and one mango milk ice.

You may have thought – haha, you lost the challenge!

But to me, this is what I learnt.

Should I cry over the five times I failed the challenge? Or should I rejoice in successfully maintaining abstinence over 20 days?

Failure happens. All the time. To everyone. Should you give up? Or keep going?

Over 20 days of desserts-free days, and I felt the addiction isn’t that great after all.

And by the way, I did cheat a little. Instead of icy, cold desserts, I went for the hot ones – red bean soup. Haha.

But the thing here is this. Eating too much of cold desserts isn’t good for your health. I knew it, but I always felt powerless to change.

But now I know. What you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

I consciously chose fruit juice over ice kacang.

I consciously say no, not now, not today, to chendol.

So, did I win or did I lose in the challenge? It is all in the perspective that you are looking at.

For me, it has served its purpose.

What should I do next for October?

What challenge would you do this coming month?