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One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. – Michael Korda

You had a great start. You started the race with a bang! You felt great. You thought you would conquer the world.

But then things happen. Things started to act against you. You weren’t feeling well. The weather wasn’t feeling well. There was something going on.  You had some difficulties.

And days turned to weeks. And weeks turned to months.

And before you knew it, you had stopped doing it.

To form a new habit, you have to keep on doing it. However, how would you persist if you stopped doing the very thing that is necessary for success?

Stay calm. Don’t take things too seriously. It is OK to fail. It is OK to stop. All you need to do is to pick yourself up again.

Celebrate. Create milestones. Congratulate yourself once you have achieved certain mini goals. It is important to give yourself positive reinforcement.

Get peer support. No man is destined to be an island. Your journey need not to be lonely.  We strive better with supportive friends.

Don’t make it a habit to stop. Stopping for a day is fine, but never two days in a row. When you stop for three days, you have to pick it up immediately. The longer you delay on resuming your activities, the harder it is. It feels like the whole world is against you. Pick yourself up immediately whenever you feel like you are left behind.

It is not the end of the world if you would ever fall behind. It is the end of the world if you are to give up on yourself, to give up on your dreams, to give up on your aspirations.

Keep the momentum going.



Anger and Traffic Jam

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret. – Laurence J. Peter

Seldom are we able to control our emotions, especially anger.

Traffic jam is one of the major causes for it. Stuck in the road, unable to proceed. Hot and humid. Smoke from the exhaust pipe fill the air. Sometimes it’s half an hour. Sometimes more than two hours.

And then insensitive people cut you off. Tempers flare. Road rage occur.

How do we maintain a sense of zen? How do we maintain a sense of calmness?

Be aware. Acknowledge that you will face traffic jam.  Acknowledge that there are reckless and selfish drivers out there. It doesn’t mean that you agree with their actions. Instead, it means that you are not caught off-guard, unaware. You are not an ostrich burying your head in the ground.

Meditate. Breathe in, breathe out. Don’t keep your adrenaline pumped up to the max. Listen to calming music. Listen to your favorite radio station. Listen to jokes.

People are fed up with traffic jam, simply because there are other places worth being at. Traffic jam is a waste of time. Instead of treating commute just as it is, see the journey as a journey of self development. Brian Tracy explores the concept of university on wheels. Listen to educational audio in your car. Make every minutes count. Those hours would add up, just like compound effect.

How do you make your commute on the road a better experience? How do you reduce the probability of you erupting in anger? How do you make best use of your time on the road?