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You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. – Joyce Meyer

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Youth is not about the age you are in.

Youth is about what you act and react.

Don’t take life seriously.

Life is too short to be unhappy.

It’s all about your beliefs. What is your priority in life?

Don’t listen to people when they say, act your age.

Instead, live to the fullest.

Growing up doesn’t mean we have to throw away our child-side of ours.

Grow old gracefully.

And more importantly, grow old happily.

Happiness and fun go together.

If you want an example, follow me on Instagram. Plenty of examples in my #100HappyDays journey. Happiness doesn’t have to be made up of grand things. Usually it is the little things that make you happy.

What do you do today to be happy?



It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. – Charles Spurgeon

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I am currently on a challenge – #100HappyDaysChallenge, or in short just #100HappyDays.

I have already passed the halfway mark.

It isn’t easy, there are constant challenges daily. It’s not easy to be happy daily.

But it is not impossible either. Happiness is a state of mind, to find something to cherish. To find something to be grateful for.

Have you been doing this challenge? Go on, give it a try. And see how your life would change.



100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 14 &15 & Review

Finale for Round 3.


Day 91 : August 30, 2015 : Another quiet Sunday to spend time on readings.

Day 92 : August 31, 2015 : Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Day 93 : September 1, 2015 : Took a day off today. To run some errands and have tea at Orchard. It was surreal experience to be there on a working day.

Day 94 : September 2, 2015 : Went for our weekly swimming session. And was it me or do I feel like I could have swum further today? Guess I am improving on my swimming, with consistent practice.

Day 95 : September 3, 2015 : It’s all about the general election. Everywhere I go, there are rallies and conversations regarding which party is better. It is interesting listening to their arguments, both the politicians and the public.

Day 96 : September 4, 2015 : Had dinner with friend at Bugis Junction. It has been a long time since I had dinner there. The food is great!

Day 97 : September 5, 2015 : Went to Art Science Museum for a tour on Singapore history. So many things to know and to reflect upon.

Day 98 : September 6, 2015 : Attended a talk on diving. That looks interesting. That would be my next sport, once I have mastered my swimming.

Day 99 : September 7, 2015 : Went to watch the movie Inside Out. My friends all gave raving reviews on it. And I guessed, why not? Fabulous movie.

Day 100 : September 8, 2015 : To celebrate the finale of the 100 Happy Days? Had a sumptuous lunch. The more sinful, the better. LOL.



What do I learn here?

Happiness is a state of mind. So is sadness.

Happiness is a choice. So is sadness.

We can find something to be happy about, in every day, in every situation. Regardless how improbable it seems.

The best way to be happy? To be grateful. To be contented with what you have.


Another good week with nuggets here and there.

Day 84 : August 23, 2015 : A good time to rest after a hectic week

Day 85 : August 24, 2015 : Went to catch Attack on Titan on cinema. It was good, experiencing all the sci fi effects.

Day 86 : August 25, 2015 : Went to a meetup where we volunteer to do caption for the hard-at-hearing students. It was a new experience for me and my friend.

Day 87 : August 26, 2015 : Supposedly to go for a swim, but there was a last minute meeting. End up with a short lunch at McDonalds. At least I collected a Hello Kitty for my friend.

Day 88 : August 27, 2015 : Meeting up with a new friend over dinner. Had the buy 1 free 1 promotion on Subway. And followed with a nutritional talk at her company. The importance of having a balanced breakfast.

Day 89 : August 28, 2015 : Had an early sleep because the meet up tomorrow is held early in the morning. It’s good to have a good, long sleep.

Day 90 : August 29, 2015 : Joined another meetup. This time round we explore Paya Lebar area and went to the Air Force Museum.

100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 11 & 12

Haven’t been really updating this blog for a long time. And yet, each day passes by. We shouldn’t forget that in each day, there is happiness to be found, regardless how trivial it is.

As each entry below shows, it is usually the little things that matters. And it is the little things that we get our happiness from. Happiness can be simple.

Day 70 : August 9, 2015 : It’s National Day today for Singapore. Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

Day 71 : August 10, 2015 : It’s another day of holiday today. What a good day to recharge and relax.

Day 72 : August 11, 2015 : Browsing through the old photos, seeing all the events I had been to. Reminiscing  the past. Of all the fond memories. I should be taking up photography again.

Day 73 : August 12, 2015 :  Went for a swim during lunch time. Despite the slight rain, we persist on. It’s one good exercise.

Day 74 : August 13, 2015 : Borrowed a few movies from Esplanade library.

Day 75 : August 14, 2015 : A friend passed his wedding invite to me. It will be a wonderful September.

Day 76 : August 15, 2015 : Joined two different meet up groups today. Explored Hort Park in the morning and Punggol in the evening. It was a fruitful day – exploring unchartered places (at least to me) and getting to know new friends.

Day 77 : August 16, 2015 : Joined my colleagues for a run in McRitchie Reservoir. They ran so fast! It has been a long time since I went for a jog.

Day 78 : August 17, 2015 : Had lunch further away from usual as colleague wanted to buy some reference books for his kids. It’s good to break out from the norms, every once in a while.

Day 79 : August 18, 2015 : A colleague organized a fair today – educating us on the safety aspects in work. As usual, the fair has games and prizes to win.

Day 80 : August 19, 2015 : Took leave today. Had a good recharge, simply doing nothing.

Day 81 : August 20, 2015 : Had fun chatting with old friends.

Day 82 : August 21, 2015 : Met up with friends for dinner and Haagen Dazs for desserts afterwards.

Day 83 : August 22, 2015 : Looking forward to Singapore Night Festival tonight.


It is a long weekend ahead! Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Day 63 : August 2, 2015 : A quiet time for reading in my room. Plenty of books to catch up.

Day 64 : August 3, 2015 : Happiness is .. dinner with friends. Haha, it is always good to catch up with old friends.

Day 65 : August 4, 2015 : Went for a swim at noon. Managed to swim for a longer duration and at a slightly faster speed. Better practice next time.

Day 66 : August 5, 2015 : For a warm day, ice kachang over lunch is the best! Happiness over small matters.

Day 67 : August 6, 2015 : Met up with a few ex-colleagues over dinner and desserts. Catching up on old times and what-have-beens with each other. And one gave a good news – he is getting married this September! =)

Day 68 : August 7, 2015 : Had the chance to view the Black Knight’s performance over Marina Barrage – cool sights of aero-acrobatics.

Day 69 : August 8, 2015 : It’s an anime marathon – Attack on Titans on cable TV.


It has been a truly busy week, as my company prepared for our quarter end. Yet how easy is it that in the midst of being busy, we forget to stay happy.

Day 56 : July 26, 2015 : My colleagues said, “Let’s buy some chocolate for our contractors”. It’s good to be appreciative and recognizing others’ contribution, especially after a long, hard work.

Day 57 : July 27, 2015 : Desserts at Swensen after dinner.

Day 58 : July 28, 2015 : As usual, had the time to go swimming during lunchtime. It was refreshing to get some exercises and fresh air outdoors.

Day 59 : July 29, 2015 : Had to work overtime tonight. However, my colleague graciously treated us for dinner.

Day 60 : July 30, 2015 : Borrowed a movie from Esplanade – Top Gun. Let’s see if I have time to watch it this coming weekend.

Day 61 : July 31, 2015 : The end of madness. Another quarter has successfully ended. A good time to rest and recharge.

Day 62 : August 1, 2015 : Went to a Careers Fair at MBS. As usual, there wasn’t much to see. However, there was one resume-writing workshop that sounds beneficial to me.