Stomachache on a Friday

Health is not valued till sickness comes. – Thomas Fuller

As the day winded down to Friday night, when the excitement for weekend approached, I was down with stomachache. That’s one bad case of diarrhea. From Friday night till Sunday.

I was like – curse the food that I ate, if I could identify which one it was.

It was a weekend all planned out for me. There’s a cosplay event at Marina Barrage. There’s BMW World at MBS. And there’s InvestFair at Suntec.

As with other things in life, there are lessons in everything that happens.

When you are ill, you couldn’t participate fully in the things you do. Even if those things are the things you like to do and look forward to doing.

When you are ill, you could psycho yourself to keep on moving.  You could self motivate yourself.  But there is only so much you could do.

When you are ill, you are easily irritated. Emotions are heavily influenced  by the state of health you are in.

Health is wealth. Stay healthy. Eat right, have sufficient rest, exercise regularly and keep check on your stress level. Only then can you focus fully on creating the success you want.

In case you are asking – I’m fine now. Thanks for the thoughts.





It is in your moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Every single day, we have to make decisions. It ranges from the simplest thing (what do we decide to eat for breakfast?) to the life-changing ones (should I quit my job?).

In reality, our lives are shaped by the decisions that we make. Inaction, or indecision, is in fact a decision too. A decision of procrastinating what we ought to do.

Why do I blog “decision”?

Because I’ve decided to take action.

Because I’ve decided to have my own blog -to remind myself of what I have become to.

Because I’ve decided to change my life, for the better.

It may sounds vague now, but in life, you need to make a decision. A decision to move forward, or decide to drift along life.

A decision to shape your destiny, or decide to remain status quo.

A decision to impact lives, or decide to live in anonymity.

The time has come – make your decision now. What do you want in life?




Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain

I always feel stressed.

I’m stressed when I have deadline to meet.

I felt stressed when I need to meet expectation of my boss.

I’m stressed when I faced crisis at work.

I felt stressed when …

Stress have been a main part of my life, especially in my working life. There is good stress and there is bad stress. Good stress is those that you can cope. Bad ones are those you can’t.

And the first step to combat overwhelming stress is to S.T.O.P!

If you are overwhelmed with stress, S.T.O.P!

If your mind went blank and couldn’t think, S.T.O.P!

If many things happen at the same time, and each demanding your attention, S.T.O.P!

Pause and “hide” in a quiet place, uninterrupted. You need the calm to think through.

Each crisis will pass. Each problem has a solution. Each dilemma can be overcome. All you need is a clear mind to solve.

Therefore, S.T.O.P! whenever you face a stressful situation.




Hi there,

Welcome to my brand new blog. I hope you would find it interesting and inspiring to you, as I embark on a journey of self development.

I may not be good with words, but here I am, taking action, trying on improving it. Let’s see how far my blog will bring me there.

In the meantime, have a cup of coffee while I make things more interesting here.

Until then, talk to you soon!



failures are stepping stones in life, stand on your feet once again