Criteria for Success

I recognize myself to be an intensely naive person. Most novelists are, despite frequent pretensions to deep socio-political insight. – Zadie Smith

I wanted to improve on my writings. I’ve blogged a lot. There is a lot of word counts there, and yet, my skills are nowhere sufficient.

What is needed for success?

Jeff Goins once said, to improve on your writing, you need to focus on the frequency, not on quantity. It is better to write consistently and to binge-writing.

Think about it. It does make sense, isn’t it?

It is easier for us to accept new habit, if we make it ridiculously easy. It is easier to say, I’ll write ten minutes a day,  daily, instead of one hour a day, once a week.

Also, our mind thrives with manageable stress, and not in overwhelming stress. Binge-writing, for example 8 hours straight, cause strain on your brain. You will lose focus, feel derailed,  lose interest, lose determination. Stress is a main killer for creativity, a key component for writing.

Focus on frequency, not in quantity.

The more you write, the more frequent you write, the better you become.

This applies to every skills that you want to master.




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