Flow State

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. – Ayn Rand

Some people call it the flow state. Some call it the genius state. Some declare it as creative state.

What is a flow state? It’s that feeling where you can achieve things, effortlessly. Where you are your best. Where things just move according to what you have wanted.

It feels like time is standing still, allowing you to produce chunks and chunks of work.

It feels like time is flying past, you didn’t even need to keep track of time.

Time is irrelevant.

It feels like you are Michaelangelo. You have just created David.

It feels like you are Mozart. You have just composed Symphony No 40.

It feels like you are David Beckham. You have just done a wonderful free kick.

Flow state is like a love-hate relationship. It is so near, yet so far.

Some people can only dream of achieving it once or twice in their lifetime. It is those one or two miracles that would bring breakthrough in their lives.

For others, it comes naturally. It is like, they are in deep flow state every single day.

How then, do we, the rest of the human beings, achieve flow state?

Focus. We have to keep our focus. Don’t be distracted with social media and gossips. Our human mind is a marvelous creation. It works best when it is on single-laser beam focus.

Be single-minded. Do not chase after so many things. Pick your topic of interest. It serves you no purpose, if you are aiming for mastery, when you are distracted in tens or hundreds of field of interests. Choose one and commit to it.

Be committed. You have to put in the effort. From the effort you put in, things would come second nature. You have to put in deliberate practice. There is no overnight success, regardless how the media wants to tell you otherwise.

Flow state is not impossible. It takes effort, just like anything worth pursuing for. But realize this, it worth every single effort that you have put in.




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