The Power of I Am

We must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war but the postive affirmation of peace. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Power of I Am.

This is a wonderful book written by Joel Osteen.

How often do you self criticize yourself? Many times we use the “I am” against us.

Why not use it constructively? Why not we choose positive blessings  after the “I am”?

After reading this book, I’ve started to implement it in my life.

Obviously, some people may recite positive affirmations when they are brushing their teeth or shaving. When they are looking at the mirror.

For me, it is when I walk to the bus interchange each morning when I go to work. The walk to the bus interchange takes 10 minutes. It would be sufficient time for me to talk a lot of positive affirmation.

“I am happy.”
“I am smart.”
“I am rich.”
“I am healthy.”
“I am energetic.”

It is not enough to just think about it. You must speak it out. Say it out loud.

With emotion. And with energy.

What has it done for me?

Well, it would be a lie if I start to receive all the blessings just days practising this.

But I start to look at things differently.

I start to be more confident.

I start to be more patient.

I start to be more cheerful.

It is a long journey, but it makes it more enjoyable, when you have positive expectation in life. And in yourself.

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