The Benjamin Franklin Method: How to (Actually) Learn to Write

We must become more comfortable with probability and uncertainty. – Nate Silver

Saw an article at Medium, written by Charles Chu regarding Benjamin Franklin’s writings.

To summarize, all it takes is deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice has been mentioned again, and again, and again.

Writing is as much an arts as it is as science.

Grammar and structures follow rules, which can be dissected using scientific methodology.

However, captivating human’s mind and heart takes much more than that. Creativity is an arts, that so few have mastered. Diversify your readings and day-to-day activities to improve upon your creativity.

As for me, it is still a long way to go. I am not a master yet. And I dare not call myself a master. I know where I stand.

And I also know that I won’t be the same this time next year. Because I know that I would put in the effort. The effort to read, to learn and to practise.

Believe in your ability. Believe that you have growth mindset. And you will find success along the way.



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