Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful. – Edward Norton

Once there is a quote – your net-work is your net-worth.

A person’s success lies not in his intelligence (IQ). It is not based on his ideas. It is also not about his relentless hard work.

Instead, it is about his connections. It is about whom he knows.

A person’s effort is limited. He has but two hands. He needs help. With a larger network, he is able to get more people to help out. A village can help to build a home, faster. Much, much faster.

A person’s ideas is limited. He needs other people to bounce his ideas off. Everyone is different. Different perspective, different cultures, different beliefs allow a multitude of ideas to spawn majestically.

A person’s influence is limited. He needs a community. A like-minded community who shares the same visions. The same goals. To pursue the common good. A community helps to champion a cause.

The question is – have you done something concrete to increase on your network?




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