A Harvard psychologist reveals the biggest reason people don’t achieve their goals

My ambition comes from my passion; finding what I love and then expanding on that. Miranda Kerr

Reading the post with the same title on Business Insider set me thinking.

Amy Cuddy cautioned of setting goals purely on the outcome only, without considering the process.

And my thoughts on it?

A goal, too big and too audacious, deters one from taking the first step.

A goal has to be challenging enough, but not too unrealistic.

If they face obstacles along the way, which inevitably will, they are not equipped to overcome it.

One must visualize to have success. But to visualize, he has to visualize on both having successfully achieve his goals, and also on how he overcome the struggles along the way.

Create milestones along the way, and achieve it. They serve as feedback, if you are on track on meeting your goals.

Your success in life depends much on how you really set your goals. Do it wisely. Plan it carefully.



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