Temper and Nail

I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it’s true, I’m scary. -Eva Mendes

Many lessons can be learnt from this video.

Humans have tempers within us. It is up to us to control it.

We can control our tempers, if there is a big hurdle associated with it (hammering of the nail is a very tedious task each time he loses his temper).

Mitigating the temper takes a long process. We can lose temper many times a day (adding countless nails a day) but to stay grounded is long (removing one nail at a time).

We can take a long time to reverse the effects, but the scars remain (holes in the fence). Especially emotional scars.

There are times when the situation is trying, we are trying hard to keep our sanity.

But always remember the effect of each and every one of our action.

Be calm and stay happy.




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