Feeling Behind in Your Life

The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people. – John C. Maxwell

You may have felt overwhelmed.

Your peers are doing well in school, and yet you barely understand what is being taught.

Your friends have been promoted to senior posts with high salaries, and yet you remain the same place.

You finally found your passion, and going back to school, only to see your other classmates are much younger and learning much faster.

You felt like you are behind in life. What do you do?

Accept it. Accept the reality. Realize that you are at the place that you currently are. Understand that each masters start as a beginner, ignorant and slow. Don’t give up and don’t beat yourself up. There are many successful late bloomers who didn’t see any results until they are 60s.

Put in the work. Beginners progress to become masters by being focused and putting in the hard work. Remember the 10000 hours rule? Know that the time will past by, whether you are working on improving your trades or not.

Get help. Get advice. Get guidance. You don’t need to work on it alone. Learn from others. Don’t recreate the wheel. Cut down the learning curve by learning from others’ experiences.

It may be a slow and tough battle for you. Don’t give it up. You’ll reap the rewards for all the hard work that you’ve put in. What would you do today, to bring you forward one more step?




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