The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.  – William James


I’m stressed up!!

The pressure at work is mounting. Too much to do, too short a deadline, too much at stake.

Ever experienced stress at work? Silly question, isn’t it? Of course you did. And perhaps you do.

Stress is a given fact at work. How do you, then, relieve yourself from stress?

First, knowing that stress is future-looking. It is imagining all the bad thing that could possibly happen. Of how all the things could go wrong. Thus, live in the moment. Stop thinking all the stressors. Meditate.

Imagine you are your best self. And your best friend is currently facing this same problem. What kind of advice would you give him or her? List them all down, the more specific the better. After all is said and written, just do it. In your mind, you have all the answers. You were just reluctant to do it. for whatever the reason you may have.

What would be the worst outcome? Fired from work? Laughed by others for being unemployed? Queueing to get state’s benefits? Often time, we over estimated the grim outcome.  Often time, the bleak outcome is not grounded. Often time, the sad outcome is just in your mind. Knowing what would be the worst outcome and then have the courage and be prepared to accept it, you will find renewed strength to carry on.

Stress will always be there. What you could do is to decide, how would you manage it? Would you be a master over your stress? Or would you be a slave under it?


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