People are influenced most by those they trust and admire and believe care for them. – Brendon Burchard

Persuasion is an important skill in life. Daily interaction requires us to influence others to follow our advice.

Influencing our kids to eat more vegetables and enjoy school life.

Influencing the girl whom we like that we are their best potential for soulmate.

Influencing your boss and colleague that your proposal would bring the most revenue for the company with the limited budget.

Things that you want to achieve but you need the help from others. How many times have you been successful? Would you want to be better in this skill?

How then, can we be persuasive? According to Brendon Burchard, there are three things we can look into.

First. Presence. Be present.  Be fully engaged with the person you are interacting with. It improves the rapport between you and the person. Don’t be physically drained or emotionally checked out.

Second. Clarity. Know where you want to go and where you are right now. Be clear of the alternatives and narrow down the options to a feasible few. Understand your point of view and the views of those you want to persuade and know the common ground.

Third. Old new argument. Know what is the current situation. What is the pain point? What is lacking? And then, what would be the ideal future state? What would be fantastic if they follow your advice? What improvement would they get? What are the advantages?

How can you be more persuasive today?



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