There’s a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It’s impossible to be mature without having lived. – Amy Grant

My girlfriend says I’m immature. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a good kid. A good guy who abides the law and doing the moral and ethical stuff. And yet, it doesn’t mean that I am matured.

Age doesn’t come with maturity. Have you noticed how certain young kids are much more matured, way ahead of their age? And while certain old folks who are selfish and immature?

There are three aspects to maturity, so let’s jump in.

First. Responsibility. One has to be responsible in his action if he wants to be matured. Every action has to accounted for. Matured people would think through all the alternatives before taking an action, considering the impact of his actions. Is it the best choice of action to be taken?

Second. Sense of purpose. A matured person has a strong sense of purpose. What is his purpose in life? What is the reason of him being alive? Time on Earth is short. If one lacks purpose, he would waste his time. If he knows his purpose and chooses not to pursue it, he is not matured. Worse, he is timid.

Third. Empathy. A matured person would tune into other people’s emotion. To understand their needs and wants. Do you need to voice out your insensitive comments? Are there a better way to communicate your differences? Do they need to hear about your sarcasm?

And as an added bonus, self esteem. One has to love oneself before he or she can love another person. To be matured, one has to start from within.

Age doesn’t come with maturity. Just like any other skills in life, maturity is something we can learn, if only we put in the effort. We can achieve it with deliberate practice.

What would you do today to make yourself more matured?



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