Morning Routine

Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful. – Prince

As they say, start the day right if you want to have a smooth sailing day.

And you start the day right by starting the morning right.

How, then, do you start your morning right?

Don’t hit the snooze button. The longer you linger on your bed, the harder it would be to get up. You would feel more lethargic. The temptation is higher the longer you stay there.

Hydrate yourself, properly. Drink plenty of water. You have been dehydrated from the long night sleep. Water nourishes you and give you a kick start in your energy level.

Do a simple set of exercise. It can be stretching exercises, to loosen the joints. It can be simple push ups to get the blood circulating.

Read something motivational. I’ve been following some inspirational thought leaders so that I know the very first posts I see will motivate me. Psst : if you haven’t followed me, my Instagram is @MengDontBackDown .

Create a to-do list. List down your top three priorities for the day. Make it a point to execute them first, before you proceed to do other mundane work.

Enrich yourself. Read literature that would excel you in your professional work. Listen to podcasts that can make you a better person, a better spouse, a better parent.

There are more things to be done in the morning. But let’s keep it simple for now first. Build up your habit. Build up your routine. And we will build upon them.

What is your morning routine?




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