Sacred Work Place

The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it. – Carl Rogers

Some writers swear by their special place to write. The corner in the room. Or a special villa where they have the peace and serenity to create their masterpiece.

It is a mindset of being consistent. Consistency is key to producing quality products. One associate the place for work. That place is just for work.

Not for play. Not for rest. Once you see the table and chair, you will automatically get in the mood to write.

It’s about removing the distraction. Once the place is designated for work, you should remove all distractions. No phone, no radio. No TV or even access to Facebook.

It’s being gentler to your willpower. You do not add in unnecessary distraction. You do not waste your energy unnecessarily. And you can channel your extra energy for the creative juice for your work.

Do you have any work that you wanted to get done? Writing a novel? Set a place in your home to write.

For me, it is a small corner in my room, with a view to greenery outside.



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