I did the best I could, and in some arenas, my best was not good enough. I’ve made some bad choices. – Amy Grant

Do you feel stumped when you have to make a decision? Would it be the best decision? Would you be better off with this decision or with that decision?

Do you feel at lost considering the choices? Especially, if there are multiple choices out there.

What if you make a wrong decision? Would you look like an idiot? Or be held accountable for it?

In life, each and everyone of us have to make decisions. Some decisions are easier to make, some are more difficult.

When life presents choices to us, how do we make a wise decision?

Start with acknowledgment. Knowing that  we will never be able to make wise decisions 100% of the time.  It is OK to make silly mistakes. We are human after all. We are not perfect. We do not chase after perfectionism. No. We care only for progress. And to progress, we have to make decisions.

Understand the situation. What is required for you to make a decision? What choices do you have? Have you considered other alternatives? Are there other possibilities out there?

Simplify. The more choices we have, the vaguer the situation. Our mind does not work best in vague situation. Try to limit the permutation of choices. See which choices seem more likely or easier to proceed. Which one would give a better payout?

Learn from our decisions. Why do we make certain decisions? What is our thought process? Are we influenced by the situation? What is the knowledge that we have? What are the resources in hand?

Decide to make the decision anyway. Even if we are scared. Even if we are afraid. Just go ahead and make it. Usually it is not a life-and-death matter. Thus, you have a chance to learn from it. You have the permission to make your very own decision.

Making decisions is part of our life journey. When life presents choices upon you, make your decisions wisely.



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