Friends Matter

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. – Euripides


Friends matter.

As the kid failed to jump, over and over again, with frustration arising, all he needs is just a little bit more of support.

A support saying that he is still loved. That he still has the strength within him. That his friends are behind him. That there is still hope left.

In life, we will face our darkest moments.

Some lucky people will only experience it once or twice.

For the others, these dark moments come rather frequently.

As human, we are adaptable. We are flexible. Every single problems faced would make us stronger.

When you are facing a tough problem, remember this. You are NOT alone. You never be. You have friends with you.

Talk to them.
Spend the day quietly at each other’s side.
Hold their hands.

Things are easier to go through when you are not alone.

Problems shared are problems halved.

Remember your friends and be there for them, especially when they needed it the most.

Problem in life is a given. It happens in most unexpected time. Be resilient. Have supportive friends around you. Surround yourself with kind people.




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