Curate or Create

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

As a blogger, it’s my intention to create value to my readers.

Bloggers constantly churn out new materials. New articles. New contents.

However, creative juice may run dry.

You may hit a writer’s block.

You may be stuck, unable to write.

How then do you proceed?

Well, there’s an alternative. You can curate.

Curate is simply a process of collecting relevant articles and mash them into an interesting piece of rojak (salad dish).

One doesn’t simply dump all the information in one place.

Curate is an arts. You choose what information you want to collect.

You choose which categories to use.

You choose which information goes into which category.

It is as much of the things you take out as to the things you put in to your writings.

To curate, one doesn’t  reinvent the wheels.

To curate, one consolidate the wisdom of the world.

To curate, one must be creative and innovative. It is an arts, not a landfill.

As of writing, curate helps in all areas of life. It’s a matter of investigation, to gather information of life and to sort them out.

How do you curate your life story? How do you curate ideas of healthy lifestyle? How do you curate ideas of study smart? How do you curate ideas of fulfilling relationships with your loved one?




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