Alissa Sizemore

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. – Scott Hamilton


A friend posted this video in his Facebook wall.

Alissa Sizemore is a young lady who dreams nothing more than dancing ballet. A fateful car accident last year costed her, her leg.

An amputee and a dream of dancing ballet. Doesn’t sound very linked, does it?


Physical disabilities doesn’t mean disabled life.

Physical disabilities doesn’t mean we should resign to fate. To give up without fighting.

Yes, you may have all the reasons, all the excuses to give up.

But is that something you have really wanted?

To succeed in life, one must be resourceful.

One must believe in himself or herself.

One must make use of what is available to him or her.

One must change the playing field, think of David vs Goliath.

When the world turns against you, when you are feeling hopelessness, it is then the more utmost important to have faith in yourself that you can weather it through, somehow.

The journey won’t be easy, but it would be definitely worth it.

Be inspired and make a difference today. Make it your goals to make do with what you have.




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