Write Your Thoughts Down

Don’t fight the problem, decide it. – George C. Marshall


You may be facing a difficult situation now. Maybe it’s about work. Maybe it’s about your school. Maybe it’s on your personal life.

You may be frustrated. You may be overwhelmed. You may feel powerless.

I know that. I understand that. Because that’s how I personally feel right now.

The whole mind is all cluttered. All jumbled up. There is no coherence in the mind. The more you think about it, the more you are stressed.

There’s only one way to move forward. Write it down. Write it all down.

There’s a mysterious power in writing it down. In a moment, everything is clear.

You are able to see how each ideas linked to one another.

If they don’t fit, all you need to do is to re-arrange them. Categorize them in relevant groups.

Rephrase the situations. Re-look at the situation from a new perspective.

They are not just an abstract idea mumbling inside your mind.

You are able to articulate the problem clearly.

It provides you a bird-eye view of how they are all inter-linked. A broad perspective of how things work would usually relieve you from stress.

Now, you have power over it. You’ve taken responsibility to tackle it. First step on regaining your power is to assume responsibility.

What would you do when you are stumped? How would you write it down? How would you articulate?




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