Writers Block

They succeed because they think they can. – Virgil

As a blogger, or as a matter of fact, any content creators, the most important thing is to publish contents for our readers. Contents is what attracts the audience.

And what happens when you have the proverbial writer’s block? How do you come up with anything, if your mind is in total blank? What does it say of you, as a blogger, as a content creator?

For starter, be assured that writer’s block is a given. There’s an up and down for everyone. We can’t expect ourselves to  come up with content 24/7. Not even the best of the best can do that.  You don’t have to beat yourself over that.

Treat yourself like an engine. It needs time to warm up. Whenever you encounter writer’s block, just keep writing. Write whatever that comes to your mind. It may not make sense. It doesn’t have to. Just familiarize yourself, your finger, with the writings and ideas would come back to you.

Keep yourself occupied with different media. Writer’s block is a sign of non-creativity. You can’t find new ideas if you keep looking at the situation with your old eye-view. Do something different. Entirely different. Like fishing. And painting.

Writer’s block is a sign of blockage. Blockage is a sign of stress. All you need may possibly be a rest. Or meditation. To clear your mind. To flush out all the noise.  Think what is it that you want to create. Focus. And ignore the rest.

And most important of all, persist. Believe in your ability. Strive and rise once again.

What would you do when you have writer’s block?



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