Rumour Has It

Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality. – Nikos Kazantzakis


There’s a rumour brewing. There will be a re-organization going on in my company.

It was just a rumour, but it does affect some of us. What would happen to us? Who would be our new boss? Who would move  out? And who would move it?

And rumours have a power of affecting our performances.

And yet, I see some of my colleagues keep on performing, keep on pushing, even making better progress than ever before. What do they know?

It is their job to provide value. Rumour is non-substance. They are hired to provide value to the company. Ignore the rumour and keep on providing value. Do your job well. Rest assured that you can sleep well because you are doing the very best that you can.

Know that you are valuable. Even in times of doubt, you keep on performing. If the boss would need to choose, who he choose a performer or a doubter? If you were to be retrenched, would the new hiring manager find you more attractive or the doubter?

Know that change is inevitable. Instead of wasting your time and energy worrying, put them to good use. Be prepared. Always strive to provide value.

You are self-employed. Regardless of who pay your payslip. With this knowledge, you are now taking responsibility into your own hand. Treat your boss like your customer. Constantly provide value to your customer.

Always improve yourself. Further your studies. Do self study. Learn more things, both technical and soft skills. Improve your interpersonal skills.

How would you improve your values to your company? Don’t give in to rumours. Instead, strive to give value.




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