What’s Your Adjective?

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. – Lyndon B. Johnson

I wrote a post on investigating your self worth last week.

It may change, depends on what you are facing, what had happen, how you view the situation, how you view yourself, what is your future expectation, those kind of things.

The thing is this. Can you change your viewpoints? Can you think of a supporting idea for your new perspective?


I am timid. Change it to : I am brave. I did take up the challenging tasks at work.

I am angry. Change it to : I am patient. I remembered that time when I didn’t lose my temper in the  traffic jam.

I am anti-social. Change it to : I am loving. I enjoy being with kids and animals, playing with them, making them happy.

In whatever negative attributes that you use to describe you, you can find an example of where you acted in the opposite. Does that mean that you are of that negative attributes?

NO. The answer is clear.

As what I believe in, there is no right or wrong answer. Only helpful or unhelpful answer. Helpful or unhelpful in moving you towards the goals or lifestyle that you truly want to achieve.

This time round. Let’s practise again on this simple exercise. I am ___ .

For every negative attributes that you write, find the polar opposite. And think, what are the supporting examples that you have practised doing the good things? Write it down. In bold and larger size. Remind yourself, of whom you were, and whom you can truly be.




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