Fill In The Blank

I enjoy the freedom of the blank page. – Irvine Welsh

Fill in the blanks.

I am ___ .

What is the first word that pops up in your mind?

What other words can you come up with?

List as many as you can within 3 minutes.

How well do you fare? How many adjectives or verbs or nouns that you can produce?

How many of them are positive, inspiring words? And how many are in the negative zone?

This is a simple practice of measuring your self esteem. How well do you look at your own self?

Run through this simple exercises again tomorrow morning, tomorrow evening, and on Saturday night. Chances are, your answers differ.

Why? Your answers depends on the situation you are in.

It depends on what you have just experienced, whether it is a pleasant experience, or a not so pleasant one.

It depends on how forward-looking you are. You are in a better mood on Friday evening than on a Monday morning.

How easy it was to judge our self worth after an ugly experience and to condemn ourselves for eternity, just on that one incident.

Fill in the blanks. Who or what do you see yourself as? Understanding yourself is the first step to self improvement. Know that what you write here, at this very moment of time is not permanent. It will change, depends on how you change your views.




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