Teach to Learn

Learn from the masses, and then teach them. – Mao Zedong

I went to a sharing session on yoga the other day. The instructor was sharing on her beginnings in the yoga practice.

She asked her yoga teacher,”How do I become better in yoga? How do I learn better?

He said simply,”You must teach others.

A very profound idea. A concept most of us know.

If you want to learn better in school, you must teach your fellow classmates. This, we know.

However, once we step out from school, this is not something we practise.

We felt inadequate. Who are we to teach? How in depth do we know on this particular subject to teach?

However, we do overlook one idea. That is, to learn, we need to practise. And teaching is one of the ways where we can practise.

By teaching, we learn to articulate our ideas better.

We learn to organize our thoughts.

We learn to categorize our thinking logically.

We empathize with our audience, and to learn to see things in a different perspective.

Our teachings may not be perfect. No one is. But we can become better in it with time.

What is it that you are learning right now? How can you teach it to others, so that you yourself can learn better?



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